Material Safety Data Sheet By: Dontierre Lester

Element Name: Dontierrenium

Atomic Mass: 155g.

Symbol: Dm

Discoverers: My parents, Tandra and Richard Dixon

Occurence: Highly concentrated deposits in Dallas, TX. Low quantities in Los Angeles, California.

Physical Properties

-Surface Properties: African-American, brown eyes, 5'7, and impossibly handsome.

-Boils when a bad grade is given regardless of how much hard work was put in.

-Melts if there is no wifi or food around.

-Can cause emotional damage if left in a bad mood.

-I can be sad when people pass or if I feel overwhelmed.

-I can be happy when my G.P,A. rises or when I excel in my studies.

-I can become stubborn and unyielding when I don't understand soemthing or if things aren't my way.

Chemical Properties

-Is repelled by ignorance and childishness.

-Is attracted to intelligence and maturity.

-May explode spontaneously when being touched without permission or when I am stared at.

-Requires copious amounts of interaction.

-Is inert if and only when sleeping or testing or during the summer months.

-Will repel those who are not on my level academically or higher or those who are just fine with things that are just "okay", and don't strive for success.

-Is impervious to people with rude attitudes.