Breaker Blitz

Lite version Free on Google Play !

Smash the blocks to escape!

In this fun and colorful version of a classic arcade game, use a paddle and ball to hit carefully placed blocks. When the ball hits a block, the block is destroyed. Destroy all the blocks to advance to another challenging level. Enjoy groovy music tracks while keeping the ball in play. As you progress through the 400+ levels, unlock additional features and mystery items. Catch bonuses that fall from the sky to transform the ball, explode blocks and do other surprising things. Can you survive the Breaker Blitz?

Breaker Blitz features

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Over 400 levels
  • Catch bonuses that fall from the sky
  • Unlock items by completing levels
  • Listen to great DANCE, POP, JAZZ and other music tracks while playing
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