Prezi, Glogster &, oh my!

Tools your students will love


Prezi is known as the Zooming Presentation Tool. It's much more than that. When you delve into Prezi, you find it is much more intuitive than other presentation softwares allowing you to tell a story in a unique way.
What is Prezi? - The official intro video


Glogster prides itself on being a creative way for users to produce posters. But it's much more than just a traditional poster -- minus the glue. With the addition of animation, videos, and pictures, it allows users to create unique and interactive posters. It's really more than just a poster maker. Glogs can be used as easily updated webpages to be embedded on a teacher webpage or as a presentation in itself.

In my opinion, Glogster's options are geared more towards upper elementary school through middle school (grades 5-9) based on it's options and "creative" stickers, animations, and graphics.

Pinterest Pin Board by GlogsterEDU of Great Glogs.

Detailed Tutorial on Glogster EDU - Online teaching and learning tool is much like Glogster in the sense that is allows it's users to create visual representations of ideas and information. describes itself as "Google Docs for visual people. The easiest way for creative teams to think, imagine, and discuss their ideas." It is an online "cork board" that allows collaborators, or one user, to link ideas, annotate, and share ideas on the board.
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