American Oil Association

All about the A.O.A

The American Oil Association is an organization that constructs oil rigs all across America.

What made us come up with this?

We rely on other countries such as places in the Middle East and America needs a more convenient way to get oil! Oil is such a main resource in today's society and a easier, faster, and eco-friendly way to get it would solve many issues.

Steps in order to put the A.O.A. in action:

Step 1:

Spread the word about The A.O.A. and raise money to help fund our company. We will inform people of the US about our organization and hopefully money will be and hands reach when needed.

Step 2:

Ask for permission in areas were rigs are able to be built. We will ask each governor of each state for permission to place a rig in available areas

Step 3:

When given permission by the heads of each state, we will place nuclear energy oil rigs in available areas which produce oil. Nuclear energy is being used because its a renewable resource and its better for the environment.

Step 4:

Start drilling in areas where permission is given. Along with drilling we will be constructing office buildings so we can neatly handle our business.

Step 5:

After making a profit and becoming very successful we will continue drilling oil in american and hopefully stop relying on other countries for oil.