The Peoples Paper

By: Jarod williams

What are you?

Your body is made of organic compounds. There are four different compounds. Carbohydrates are what give you energy so you can run like the energiser bunny. Proteins are what help you repair certain parts of your body so when your done excercising its best to drink a chocolate milk so you can get good protiens in your body. Lipids store energy that you havent yet used. Nucleic acids are what give you imformation about yourself such as DNA or RNA. Also your body is made up of cells like bricks make up a building. heredity is what you inherhite from your parents geneticly so sadly theres no money. Homeostasis is your body trying to find equilibrium. Examples such as sneezing or coughing. Evolution is your body trying to change over time. Evolution doesn't happen fast though so dont expect anything. Interdepance is relying on something or someone else. Like relying on your parents to cook dinner or lunch. Last but not least ENERGY. Energy is what everything needs to move and thrive. Thats all I have to say today so farwell people.