Matthew L

What narwhals do...

Have you ever thought you saw a unicorn underwater? Well it was a narwhal even though it lives at the arctic circle . A narwhal has a big tooth that looks like a unicorn horn. Narwhals actually kind of migrate too. Narwhals go closer to shore. They also might go in groups of 10 - 100!

Narwhals are actually mammals. That also means there vertebrates. They have to come up from water every now and then but the narwhal can sure hold it's breath. The narwhals are also carnivores! They eat shrimp, halibut , and even squid.

Narwhals have two natural predators, the orca and polar bears. Scientist believe the tooth is to fight predators. That might be the case but they might use it to break the icy walls of the Arctic. But they go in big groups so that's helpful to survive too.