The Effect of Gravity!

by jackson nolan kash nate

The Tides

The diffrent tides are high and low tides and 2 of each every day. The moon causes the diffrent tides. Knowledge of the diffrent tides is useful to determin where the moon is either on your side or the other side of the earth.

The Moon

New moon, cresent moon, half moon, three quarter moon, and full moon are the phases of the moon. The gravity of the moon causes the tides.

Moon and Tides

They relate to each other because the moon causes the tides. The suns gravitational force on the earth is only 46% of the moon gravitational pull. The moon is the single most important cause of tides. The moons gravitational pull causes tides.

The predictable

The moon goes around the earth a little bit at a time and that causes the tides and currents.

The changes

The effects of the moon being gone would cause volcanos to erupt, no tides would be found, and earthquakes would happen.