Franklin D. Roosevelt 4 President


Did many great things

In his first "hundred days," he proposed a program to bring recovery to business and agriculture, relief to the unemployed and to those in danger of losing farms and homes, and reform, especially through the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority.
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5 New Deal Programs

Agricultural Adjustment Act - AAA - 1933 - Protected farmers from price drops by providing crop subsidies to reduce production, educational programs to teach methods of preventing soil erosion.

Civil Works Administration - CWA - 1933 - Provided public works jobs at $15/week to four million workers in 1934.

Civilian Conservation Corps - CCC - 1933 - Sent 250,000 young men to work camps to perform reforestation and conservation tasks. Removed surplus of workers from cities, provided healthy conditions for boys, provided money for families.

Federal Emergency Relief Act - FERA - 1933 - Distributed millions of dollars of direct aid to unemployed workers.

Works Progress Administration - WPA - 1935 - Employed 8.5 million workers in construction and other jobs, but more importantly provided work in arts, theater, and literary projects.