Wallaby Update

October 20, 2020

Q&A Session with Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Goggins

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 6pm


Please join us for a Q&A Session with Mrs. Wilson regarding the return to school.

Meet link: meet.google.com/orz-eorv-owx

Feel free to submit questions ahead of time to this Google Form: https://forms.gle/D4k6c4Wrwnth53Zg8

We will do our best to answer all questions!

Stay tuned for a Back to School Infomercial being sent tomorrow to all families!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

From the Student Services Team...

Our Student Services team would like to understand the physical and mental health needs of all our students and families. Please complete this survey in English so we know how best we may help.

Nuestro equipo de servicios estudantiles le gustaría comprender las necesidades de salud física y mental de todos nuestros estudiantes y familias. Complete esta encuesta en español para que sepamos cuál es la mejor manera de ayudar.

Holiday Cheer

West Lake families are well known for taking care of everyone in our community. Each year, we try to ensure each of our students experiences some Holiday Cheer. If you are able to sponsor a child through our Holiday Cheer program, please sign up here. We will accept sponsors through Friday, November 6th. Thank you for helping spread Holiday Cheer!

Virtual Academy Registration window

The registration windows for the WCPSS Virtual Academy for the spring semester of the 2020-21 school year have been set. The window for middle and high school registration will be Oct. 21-28. The window for elementary schools will be Dec. 2-9. Information will be sent in WCPSS email.

West Lake Middle School Students

In the past, we have allowed West Lake Families to drop off and pick up their elementary and middle school children at our school at one-stop in carpool. Due to health and safety regulations, we are no longer able to allow for this accommodation. All students must be screened by their individual school prior to getting out of their car by a school staff member. Thank you for adhering to this policy change.

Social Distancing Guidelines

At this time, grades K-3 should operate with as much social distancing as is practical. Grades 4-12 will require social distancing of six feet.

HVAC Systems

Some interesting information about the HVAC systems in schools:

  • All systems are designed in accordance with ASHRAE (an industry standards organization) and North Carolina codes and recommendations.
  • Outside air is circulated into every unit.
  • Units are designed for 4-6 air exchanges per hour.
  • Systems are monitored and controlled automatically and are turned on one hour before bell time, and off one hour after bell time, unless special events are occurring.
  • Filters are changed quarterly.

Water Fountain Update

Water Bottles

Students are recommended to bring their own bottled water and/or reusable water bottles to minimize use and touching of water fountains. All water bottles should be clearly labeled with the user’s name. It is the user’s responsibility to keep track of their water bottle and take it home for regular cleaning.


If someone wants water and does not have a water bottle, they may ask a staff member to provide a cup to get water from the water fountain and drink from the cup.


As a high touch surface, water fountains should be cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the school day, following WCPSS cleaning guidelines.

Face Coverings

North Carolina requires a face covering of your choice for \school staff, adult visitors, and K-12 students at all times, including:

  • inside school buildings and anywhere on school grounds, including outside, unless you are by yourself in an enclosed room with the door shut
  • while traveling on buses, vendor transportation, or other WCPSS vehicles
  • all WCPSS work sites
  • even when 6 feet or more apart from other individuals

Employees may give students a face-covering break if they can meet all of the following conditions:

  • Outside only
  • Spaced 8-10 feet from all other individuals, including employees
  • Students should remain stationary in the same space
  • Students should all face the same direction

Relaxed Breathing Training, Version B
The “Breathing Fish” video helps you relax and "reset" by pacing your breathing.” When the fish on the visual rises breathe in and allow your belly to fill up with air. As the fish comes back down, breathe out slowly and let the air out. Repeat for 2 minutes for a "mini" relaxation exercise. Kids love this, so give it a try!