Salsa Music

The Music of Today

Who listens to Salsa?

Salsa music is very popular in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Columbia. Salsa is mostly associated with latin cultures.

History of Salsa

Salsa first originated in New York in the 1960s. It comes from popular Cuban dances and has many other latin influences.

Characteristics of Salsa

Salsa music uses heavy percussion such as clave, maracas, conga, and bongo. The instruments and singers often mimic patters of traditional African songs. Salsa also includes interments like the marimba, bass, guitar, piano, accordion, and a section of brass. One famous singer was Celia Cruz. She is known for yelling Azucar! when coming on the stage.

Salsa dancing

Salsa usually has a fast tempo that calls for a lot of energy. The dance is one of the most dynamic dances that forces you to move your hips to follow every beat. Salsa, at times, can be slow and romantic or sometimes in between.

The Future of Salsa

Salsa is music of rhythms all made up to dance. The energetic beat of the music made the dance possible. Salsa is starting to spread across the world.