Romanticism & Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau / Mahatma Gandhi / Nelson Mandela


Optimism means that good must win over evil. An example would be being positive. I think it helps people being hopeful for their future and succeed their outcomes. I would agree with being optimistic which I would look on the bright side. When you start on something like a project, you can be optimistic of succeeding it in the future. I see many people in America have the feeling of being optimistic for their future today.


The meaning of individualism is the belief that the freedom to an individual to act out their conscience and heart is most important than any government. An example would be doing something what you think is right even when your forced to do something. I would agree with what is means and I think its better to do it when your protesting. Many people out their in the world are individualist including me.


Idealism means the reality that is not "out there" in material objects, but reality is out ideas about things. An example would be friends and family being connected and informative. I would agree with the meaning and how people uses idealism. Many people in America changed during the past 21st century. Because technology came such as smart phones.


During the romantic ear, many people use to think nature is filled with evil. Although, Thoreau believes that nature can teach us respect and also contacting with wild nature refreshed the human spirit. I would agree with what Thoreau says because I am also super natural. I think its a good idea when you go out in the wilderness. It changed many Americans today about the meaning of nature.

The Peaceful Leader Mahatma Gandhi

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One of his important ideas was protesting peaceful. He did not use any violent weapons. I would agree with his idea because its better than using weapons and its more safe. An example would be about his speech to show he doesn't use any violence in One the Eve of Historic Dandi March. "No one who believes in non-violence, as creed, need, therefore, sit still."

Meet Henry David Thoreau

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One of Henry's most important idea is also using non-violence. An example would be not paying poll-taxes for six years. I would do the same thing if wasn't supporting the war or anything that has to do with government. Also, its better than being violent.

The Difference Between Them

Both of my people would go against the government and make peaceful protest. The similarities of Gandhi and Thoreau is having the protest peaceful and not using any violent weapon. The difference between them is having a different idea. Gandhi would set a peaceful walk protest. Thoreau would not pay taxes to show him that he is protesting. It hanged the world today and they both have inspirited many people about protesting non-violently.
Quotes Gram. By Nancy Taylor, N/A. 12/10/15