Uncover the Majesty of Africa

4 Physical Features

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains. These mountains have some of the highest mountain ranges on Earth! These mountains go on for 1,500 miles! These mountains are also rich in minerals. You will never regret going to see these land formations, so go take footsteps where no man has stepped before and never look back.

Nile river

The Nile river. This is the longest river on the planet, is full of mysteries and unforgettable memories that you and you’re family can embrace forever. This river measures 4,160 miles long! This river stands out against the crowd, because it actually flows northward! Come see this river, and take chances that you may never take again!

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Serengeti Plain

Come to the Serengeti Plain to see all of the wild varieties of animal species. Bring you’re camera because this is a wildlife refuge and contains over 500 animal species! It is located in northwest Tanzania, and has an altitudes form 3000-6000 feet! You will surely be called a photographer when you get back, because you’ll have so many beautiful photos.

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Madagascar. This is the fourth largest island on the planet! Filled with beauty and relaxation, this is an island worth the cost. It’s located in the Indian Ocean and has a highland plateau. This vacation will surly be one of the best you’ll ever take.