Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Roald Dahl

1. Here Comes Charlie


- Charlie gets a chocolate bar every year for his birthday; he makes his chocolate bar last for over a month

-He lives by the most famous and biggest chocolate factory in the world

-He lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents; his family is very poor


-Why doesn't Charlie go in the chocolate factory?

-Why does he want chocolate every year on his birthday?

-Where does he live? (what town?)

-What caused his family to be so poor?

-Who is the owner of the chocolate factory?

2. Mr. Willy Wonka's Factory


-After dinner Charlie goes into his grandparents' room to listen to their stories; these visits were what his grandparents looked forward to all day.

-One night they started talking about Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and how wonderful it was

-Mr. Willy Wonka makes the best sweets in the world.


-Are grandpa's stories actually true or are they make-believe?

-How do the grandparents know so much about the chocolate factory?

-How big is the chocolate factory?

-Who is the Indian Prince (Prince Pondicherry)?

-Why did Charlie walk by the factory every day--why not take a different route?

3. Mr. Wonka and the Indian Prince


-Grandparents are telling Charlie about the Indian prince- Prince Pondicherry.

-Mr. Willy Wonka built Prince Pondicherrry a palace made of chocolate.

-The chocolate palace melted like Mr. Wonka warned


-Why did Prince Pondicherry want a chocolate palace if he wasn't going to eat it?

-Was Prince Pondicherry the only person in the chocolate palace?

-Did Prince Pondicherry have another house?

-Why didn't Prince Pondicherry listen to Willy Wonka?

-If the chocolate palace was built in a different place or using different kinds of chocolate, would it have lasted longer?

4. The Secret Workers


- The factory closed because there were spies; these spies stole Mr. Wonka's secret recipes

-Suddenly the factory started up again, but no workers came in or out

-They saw through the windows little people making the candy

-Mr. Wonka is going to let a few people into the factory.


-Who are the little people?

-Why did the factory open up again?

-Why did the doors/gates always stay shut?

-Did Mr. Willy Wonka create the little people? How did he find them?

-Does Mr. Willy Wonka just run the place, or does he also make candy?

-How did the spies get in the factory?

5. The Golden Tickets


- Mr. Wonka sent out a flier talking saying that 5 kids will get into his factory.

-The tickets are hidden inside wrappers of candy bars.

-Charlie's grandparents want him to win, and they hope his birthday candy bar will have a golden ticket inside it.


-Why is he letting kids inside the factory now? How can he be sure he can trust them?

-Will Charlie get a golden ticket?

-Where are the candy bars that have the golden tickets at?

-Will all the tickets be found?

-What are the chances that Charlie will get a ticket?

6. The First Two Finders


-The first golden ticket was found by Augustus Gloop, who ate a lot.

-The second golden ticket found by a very spoiled girl names Veruca Salt

-Tomorrow is Charlie's birthday and he's getting a Wonka chocolate bar--hopefully it has a golden ticket inside


-Why does he always get chocolate on his birthday?

-Who will be the other finders of the golden tickets?

-Will Charlie get a ticket?

-How many chocolate bars will Charlie get for his birthday?

-If another person in Charlie's family got the golden ticket, would they give it to Charlie?

-Is Charlie jealous of Augustus and Veruca?

7. Charlie's Birthday


-Charlie got a chocolate bar for his birthday

-It did not have a golden ticket- Grandpa Joe said he might find one next time

-Charlie offered to share with his family


-Will Charlie get a ticket in another chocolate bar?

-Will he ever get another chocolate bar?

-Will he get another chocolate bar for his birthday?

-How might Charlie get another chocolate bar (chance to win a ticket)?

-How does Charlie feel since he didn't find a golden ticket?

8. Two More Golden Tickets Found


-2 more people got a golden ticket

-It was funny when gangsters were shooting gangsters with machine guns

-Mike Teavee and Violet Beauregarde got golden tickets.


- Why did Violet chew gum all the time?

-Why did Mike Teavee want the golden ticket?

-Will Charlie get the last ticket?

-If Charlie gets a golden ticket, will he bring his family?

-Where will Charlie get a golden ticket?

9. Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble


- Charlie came home from school to find all his grandparents asleep except for Grandpa Joe

-Grandpa Joe bought a chocolate bar for Charlie with money he had been saving--secret hoard

-The chocolate bar did not have a golden ticket


-Was this Charlie's last chance for a golden ticket?

-Did Grandpa Joe waste all of his money on the chocolate bar?

-Why doesn't Grandpa Joe want the others to know about his money?

-If the other grandparents knew, how would they have reacted?

-How long had Grandpa Joe been saving money? What had he been saving for?

10. The Family Begins to Starve


- On the way home from school, Charlie found a dollar bill

- It was snowing outside

- Charlie used the dollar to buy a chocolate bar and food for the family


- How will Charlie's parents react when they find out he bought a chocolate bar/found a dollar?

- How much money will he have left after he buys the chocolate and food for his family?How much does a chocolate bar cost?

- Is the chocolate bar that Charlie bought going to have a golden ticket in it?

- Will Charlie get healthier?

- Does Charlie feel guilty spending part of the money on himself?

11. The Miracle


-Charlie bought a bunch of chocolate bars

-the chocolate bar had a golden ticket inside

- people offered money for the golden ticket


-how will his family react that Charlie got a golden ticket?

-who will go with Charlie to chocolate factory?

-when will Charlie go to the chocolate factory?

-will he give the ticket away?

- how happy is charlie?

12. What It Said On The Ticket


-Garndpa joe will go to the factory with Charlie

-They will leave tomorrow morning to the factory.

-On the ticket,it was explaining what you need to do


-What will Mr. Willy Wonka show them in his factory?

-Will Charlie win the surprise at the end?

-Will they get anything when touring the factory?

-What will the factory look like inside?

-Will there be anybody who won't show up at the factory?

-Why was grandpa joe so happy when Charlie found the gold ticket?

13. The Big Day Arrives


- All the golden ticket winners and their parents wait outside the factory until it opens at 10

- It's important that the gates will open soon

- A crowd had gathered to see the golden ticket winners and they discuss the kids

- The crowd goes silent when the gates open


- What are Grandpa Joe and Charlie going to do at the factory?

- What does Mr. Willy Wonka look like?

- Will the factory visitors get to sample some of the candy?

- How does Grandpa Joe and Charlie feel?

- How do Charlie's parents feel about his visit to the chocolate factory?

-What will the factory look like inside? What type of gadgets will Mr. Willy Wonka have in his factory?

-Will this be the last/only time Mr. Wonka lets people in his factory?

14. Mr. Willy Wonka


-he will open the gates at ten a clock

-people are exited

- The factory is kept warm for his workers

- Mr. Willy Wonka let the kids in the factory and they went down a hallway & saw a room called The Chocolate Room

-Mr. Wonka greeted Charlie and Grandpa Joe last, and thought GJ was Charlie's father

-Mr. Wonka is short with a goatee and wears a black top hat, green pants, purple jacket, grey gloves, and carries a gold cane


How the the technology look from the inside of the factory

-will the winners eat the chocolate

-will the kids be so exited

-will there be different kinds of chocolate

- Who are the workers and why do they only work in hot climates?

-What is in the chocolate room/what does it look like?

-How is Mr. Wonka feeling about people being in his factory?

15. The Chocolate Room


- Mr. Wonka made a type of grass candy called swudge

- The golden ticket winners saw the little workers.

- There is a giant chocolate river/waterfall


- How long/deep is the river?

- Where did the little workers come from?

- How do they make the chocolate river? What kind of chocolate is it?

- What will Mr. Wonka show them next?

- Where are the chocolate pipes sending the chocolate to?

16. The Oompa Loompas


- The Oompa Loompas are from Loompaland

- The Oompa Loompas were mistreated in Loompaland and feared that snozzwangers, whangdoodles, and hornswagglers were going to eat them; they hid out and only had caterpillars to eat; their favorite thing to eat is cacao beans; Wonka brought them back to his factory.

-Veruca kept telling her dad that she wants an Oompa Loompa of her own

-Augustus is drinking out of the chocolate river


- Why does Veruca want an Oompa Loompa?

- What do they look like?

-What will happen to Augustus? Will he fall in?

- Did Mr. Wonka get his cacao beans from Loompaland or do they grow in other places?

-What are snozzwangers, whangdoodles, and hornswagglers??

-Do the Oompa Loompas talk? What does Oompa-Loompish sound like?

17.Augustus Gloop Goes Up The Pipe


-Augustus is drinking the chocolate from the chocolate river

-Augustus fell into the chocolate river

-Augustus went up a chocolate pipe

-Oompa-Loompa's sang a strange song about Augustus


-will Augustus turn into chocolate strawberry fudge?

-will Augustus be ok?

-will Augustus be saved by Oompa-Loompa's ?

-why did Mrs.Gloop freak out?

-why was mr.wonka laughing so hard?

18.Down the chocolate River


-the people road down the river in a boat

-Charlie got to drink chocolate from the river

-they went down the chocolate river in a boat with little people.


-why does mr.willy wanka have 100 workers at his factory ?

-where else where they go?

-Will anything happen to any of the kids?

-what would be in the new room of the chocolate room?

-are they going to be able to eat something in the next room?

19. The Invention Room--Everlasting Gobstoppers & Hair Toffee


- The kids got to see inside the Inventing Room

- Nobody has ever been in the Inventing Room before--not even the oompa loompas

- Mr. Wonka showed the kids many of his inventions, such as hair toffee (makes your hair grow longer) and everlasting gobstoppers (never lose their taste and never get smaller)


- How come not even the Oompa Loompas could go in the Inventing Room?

- What was Mr. Wonka making in the room? What other inventions has Mr. Wonka created?

- How big is the inventing room?

- Do the oompa loompas get paid?

-How many inventions has Mr. Wonka made in his Inventing Room?

-What will happen to Augustus?

20. The Great Gum Machine


- Mr. Wonka has a machine that makes gum

- The gum comes down from little tubes, into a bigger tube, and the colors mix together to make the gum ball

- Violet gets really excited about the gum


- How many gumballs does the machine make a day?

- Will Violet eat the gum?

- Will the kids get to try the gum?

- What will be in the next room?

- How many room is in the chocolate factory?

- How many pieces of gum is in the gum machine?

- What is special about this gum?

- What flavors does the gum have?



- Violet eats the gum and doesn't, listen to Mr Willy Wonka and it goes ok for a while but it when it comes to the desert she turns purple!

-the Oompa Loompas roll her down into a boat to squeeze the juice Out of her

-the gum flavors were roast beef tomato soup and blueberry pie.


-is she going to grow bigger

-will Violet be ok

-why does Violet turn into the pie instead of roast beef or tomato soup

-will something horrible also happen to the rest of the kids?

-how does mr willy Wonka feel

22.along the corridor


-three kids are left in the factory

-they Left the inventing room

-they will dejuice violet


-will the three kids be okay?

-what room will they go to next?

-will mike or veruca or Charlie be the next victim

-will the other three kids be ok

-what type of candy or chocolate

23. Square candies that look round


- When the ticket winners went into the Square candies that look round, they didnt think the candies looked round.

-Grandpa Joe lifted Charlie so he could get a better view in the square candy room

-when there were about to leave the faces on the square candies looked at them they all saw the faces not the shape


-how big are the square candies?

-Will violet be ok?

- Where will they go next?

-how much sugar does willy wonka put in the square candy?

- Why do the women want wonka to go slower?

24.Veruca and the nut room


-The kids got to see the nut room with all the squirrels

-Veruca salt went down the garbage shoot

-THe Oompa Loompa's were singing a other song when Veruca salt went down the trash whole


-Why didnt mr Wonka just get a nut cracker for the Oompa loompas?

-Will Veruca get burned in the furnace or not?

-Why doesn't Mr Wonka just build a machine to crack the nuts?

-Will anything happen to mike teavee or Charlie bucket?

-What will the next chapter be about? What is gana happen to mike teavee and Charlie in the chocolate factory ?

25. The Great Glass Elevator


- They went into an elevator made of glass that had lots and lots of buttons; the elevator could go in any direction

- Mr. Wonka told Charlie and Mike that they could both choose a room to go to

- Mike Teavee chose the The Television Chocolate room

- The elevator went really fast, and it made the Teavee's sick


- What will be in the Television Chocolate room?

- What does chocolate have to do with the television?

- Just how fast did the elevator go?

- Why/how does the elevators go in all directions?

- Will anything happen to Mike in the Television Chocolate room?

- Will Mrs. Teavee feel better?

- What is so dangerous about the Television Chocolate room?

- What room will Charlie choose?

26.the television chocolate room


-the Oompa loompas brought a giant chocolate bar

-They put the chocolate bar in to the television

-The Oompa Loompas put on a suit so the television doesn't get them

-Mr willy Wonka is worried about putting humans in the camara


-Is Mr willy Wonka let any body go inside the television

- will mike jump inside the television

-Is mike Teavee going to come a hole or a half

-if mike shrinks how much is going to shrink


27.Mike Teavee is sent by television


-it,s so blinding in the room so Mr. Wonka gives them dark sunglasses

- mike is shrunk down to an inch because Wonka said everything big there goes out smaller.

-the Oompa Loompas sung yet another weird song about mike like they did for the other 3 kids.


- will mike be ok?

- Will Mike get bigger?

- Will Mike's dad change his mind and let him watch TV?

- What happens when they stretch Mike?

- Will he continue to get smaller?

- Will we find out anything about the outcomes of Augustus, Violet, Veruca, or Mike?

- Will Mike go to school even though he is so short?

- How does Charlie feel about being the only left?

- How does Mr. Wonka feel about the 4 kids being gone?

28. Only Charlie Left


-Charlie was the last person left.

-They went in an elevator through the ceiling.

-the elavator is see through


- Do the kids look the same?

-why does Wonka leave when there's still people in the factory

- Will the kids be ok

-how does mr.wonka know what the button did if that was his first time using it?

-what is the prize Charlie is getting?

29.The other children are going home


-Get a life supply of Chocolate

-Augustus,Violet,Veruca and Mike are ok

-The children go home besides Charlie


-Do Augustus,Violet,Veruca and Mike feel fine?

-Did the kids like the factory?

-How does Charlie feel?

-What did Charlie win?

-How does grandpa joe think about Mr.Wonka