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2019-2020 School Year: Volume 33: Week of May 3, 2020

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Be the Best YOU at Grandview!!!

We Love Our Teachers!!!

Dear Families,

Greetings! Teacher Appreciation Month and the specifically designated Teacher Appreciation Week of May 4-8 are opportunities to thank all teachers who currently motivate, inspire, and nurture our young people. This is one week a year that we want to take time to thank and honor our teachers for all that they do each and every day for our students. Teachers at Grandview spend their own money, hours of time after school and on the weekends, and give endless love and support to your children each and every day.

This recognition is particularly important at this moment as the current public health crisis has required our students and educators to leave classrooms and schools and transition to learning at a distance. This is a tremendous challenge for everyone as we stay home and stay safe, yet continue to teach and care for the children of Grandview. I am inspired by the creativity, flexibility, commitment and devotion that these teachers do for our students and our profession in these extraordinary times.

During this pandemic, when children were uprooted from their normal school year, it was the teachers who provided them with some measure of stability, trust, and confidence. When our students look back on this period years from now, they will remember the teachers who stood tall in their lives during this challenging period.

So for that, let's honor our Grandview teachers. FOG, some Grandview parents and myself will be honoring them all week, but we would love for you to join in this week of appreciation. Thank you for the families that helped contribute pictures for the video. That will be released this week. For a writing assignment or a creative project, continue to have your child write a personal note to say thanks. Parents, please take time out of your busy schedule to send an email thanking a teacher. It is these small gestures of gratitude that will continue to motivate our teachers to continue to provide top-notch distance learning opportunities for your children.

Continue to stay healthy and happy!! We miss you!!!

Your Proud Principal,
Melissa Carruth, Ed.S

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Can we Count on you in the Fall of 2020

In order to better prepare for next year, we would like to know if your child(ren) will be attending Grandview or Clarenceville Middle School in the Fall of 2020. Please take a few minutes to secure your child's enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year! The form is due by this Friday, May 8, 2020. This form must be filled out for EACH Grandview child to reserve their enrollment. If your child is returning, but going to the middle school, please let us know that. Please one form per family. If you do not fill out the survey, then we will have to call you. We want to hear from ALL of the Grandview Families!!!

Click on this Link for the Survey

VIRTUAL Kindergarten Round-Up is right around the corner......Please Join!!

Clarenceville is coming together to hold a Virtual Kindergarten Round-Up. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 19th @ 6 pm or Wednesday, May 20th @ 11:30 am.

The link for the Round-up will be released closer to the event day. Both schools will be coming together for this event. It will not be a Grandview or a Botsford Kinder Round-Up, but a Clarenceville Kinder Round-up!!! The kindergarden teachers and building principals can't wait to "see" families at this event!!!

Remember, we are looking for new Kindergarteners or Junior Kindergarteners for this fall! You can STILL enroll online.

If you have a child who will be five years old by December 1, 2020, he/she may be eligible for Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten next fall. Please complete the Round Up Registration form online by visiting this link Please pass this link along to friends and neighbors who have a future Kindergarten student but do not have siblings at Grandview or Botsford.

For Questions, contact the Grandview Office: 248-919-0404

Virtual Book Fair starts MONDAY!!!

Need some books to help your child with Distance Learning.....we have an answer for you....

Book fairs are always a fun and exciting event at Grandview. They are a good way to get your hands on some great new books to read. Unfortunately we can't be in school right now - but we can still have a book fair! That's right - we're having a virtual book fair. Scholastic is helping us host our own online book fair. This will run from Mon. May 4th through Sun. May 17th. You can access it by going to There you'll see a virtual flyer and access to thousands of books and products. All items are shipped directly to your house. This is a great opportunity to add some fresh new titles to your home book collection. Thank-you for supporting our school and keep reading!

Screen Free Week

This week is known as Screen Free Week. Since this is next to impossible for any of us to do because of the distance learning going on right now the organizers of this event came up with another idea. They are asking families to choose a day - like a Sat. or Sun. for example and go screen free for that 1 day each week during May. You can find out more by going to

Email your pictures to myself or your teachers on how you and your family are going to go Screen Free or put your ideas on social media. I can't wait to hear which day your family selects. My family has chosen Saturday's in May to be the Carruth's screen free day!!

Move More in the Month of May!

Michigan Fitness Foundation provides fun resources for families to engage in healthy physical activities under the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order.

ACES Day: The World’s Largest Exercise Class

Michigan Fitness Foundation and Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan present All Children Exercise Simultaneously (ACES) Day on May 6.

Since 1989, millions of children from all over the world exercise together to promote proper health and fitness habits on this day.

Because this year’s statewide event has been cancelled due to the pandemic, we are providing virtual resources to inspire families to be active that include fun work out videos featuring yoga, dance, and calisthenics, as well as Adventure Around Michigan, a creative game to get children moving with a Michigan theme.

All resources can be found at: and the Virtual ACES Day Facebook event page.

Families are encouraged to post photos of their ACES Day activities on social media by tagging @MichiganFitness @FarmBureauInsuranceMichigan using #ACESDayMI2020.

Walk and Wheel Wednesdays

Walk and Wheel Wednesdays give Michigan families opportunities for healthy and fun outdoor activities.

Beginning May 6, families are invited to be active by spending at least 20 minutes outside every Wednesday. This includes walking, bicycling, hiking or other outdoor activities with individuals from the same household.

While being active, families are reminded to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from other members of the public, avoid all shared outdoor equipment, cover coughs and sneezes, and wash hands immediately upon returning home.

Families are encouraged to post photos of their Walk and Wheel Wednesdays activities to social media by tagging @MichiganFitness and @MichiganDOT with the hashtag #WalkandWheelMI.

Visit for additional information.

Think Green Grandview

Our Going Green Challenge is over, but our GV students did not disappoint us!! They were so amazing showcasing how they are trying to make the world more green. They made posters, videos and presentations. Please look at the following attachment to see some of the students creativity!!

Be a Grandview Green Student

Did you miss out on the Green Challenge, but want to be green for our Earth? Did you compete in the challenge and want to keep your green energy moving?? If you answered yes to either question, then come and join the Green Student Checklist and try and earn Evergreen Status!! If you complete anything on the checklist, share it on social media, email your teacher or myself!! Think Green Grandview!!!
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Grandview Garden

Parents have been working hard on the school landscape and started the clean up, but there is a lot more to be done and we need help. If you have an hour or so over the next few weeks and want to take your family to school to do some clean up, we would greatly appreciate it.

The Grandview Veggie Garden in the back of school and all the Boxes has been weeded and the soil is in the process of being loosened. The parents have started laying ground cover and putting mulch between the boxes to eliminate the grass growth. At some point in the future we will have soil delivered to top up the boxes and we need to get the plants in and planted.

Reach out to me and ask to join the Facebook Group entitled Grandview Garden Guardians. That site as description in each picture to see what needs to be done in each area.

The parents are amazing helpers, but none of them are professionals nor getting paid. It is total volunteer project and we need lots of help. Therefore, the parents are up for suggestions and willing to do some hard work to make the school look awesome for when kids return.

Come help!!! It takes a Village!!! Grandview is just that, a Grand View. Come help to continue to make Grandview maintain their Grand View.

Schools of Choice

Clarenceville Schools of Choice application is open and will be opened until August 17th. The application will be on the Clarenceville website. A few answers to a few questions you may have about Schools of Choice.....

  • You do not have to fill out a Schools of Choice application each year. Once you are accepted, you are part of the Clarenceville Community.
  • If your child is going up to the Middle School, you do not need to fill out a Schools of Choice application. Again, once you are accepted, you are part of our district, not just the school.
  • I have been at Grandview and want to stay and I am afraid to fill out the application and not get accepted. Reach out to me and let me know that you are filling out an application. I will do everything to work with Mr. Shepich to have your application accepted.
  • In the winter, they only accepted for some grade levels, but this window is open for ALL grade levels.
  • If your child attended preschool or GSRP at Grandview and you live out of the district, you STILL need to fill out a Schools of Choice application. Attending those programs did not require you to fill out a Schools of Choice application.
  • When do you "accept" Schools of Choice? It is unlimited, so you should not have a problem getting into the district and there should be space for your child. Just be timely in completing your registration.
  • If I fill out my application, will I have to go to Botsford. We do not want to have to move students that are already established in a school community. So please specify on the form which school you want your child to attend.

In the end, DO NOT miss the deadline. If you do and you live outside of the district, you will not be able to attend Grandview.

2020-2021 Latchkey and Preschool Registration

Grandview latchkey and preschool haves a pre- registration set-up and ready to go.

To locate this registration, please visit the Clarenceville web site. Select Grandview. Then select either Preschool or Latchkey and right under Ms. Jackie's picture, on the right-hand column, is the pre-registration form. It is a google form so Ms. Jackie will receive the pre-registration forms during this closure. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT!! Both programs fill up quickly and will have a waiting list. These programs are licensed and needs to follow the guidelines of teacher-student ratio. So do not wait!!!

Grandview Sports

All sports have been cancelled for the remainder of the school year. Therefore there will not be any Softball this year. We look forward to having sports to resume next school year. Here is a note from Coach Stacey....

Hello Everyone!
As you all know, sports have been canceled for the rest of the school year. While this is disappointing, we must do what's necessary to keep our community safe.
Rest assured, Grandview Elementary School & Botsford Elementary BEST PTO will be ready to rock when the coast is clear! 🏈 🏒 🏀 ⚾️

Floor Hockey ended just before the school closing & the original plan was a Sports Banquet in June to acknowledge ALL our athletes. I'm still hopeful that a celebration will be possible at some point for our Floor Hockey players... Regardless of our ability to gather, ALL Floor Hockey players will receive their award and know how awesome they are! (Even if that means I deliver them personally) 💜

Stacey Wittscheck, Grandview Sports Director, has a Grandview Sports website that has the documents linked. All of the information from schedules, rules, code of conduct, sign-up, forms, etc. will all be housed in one location. Check out this great communication piece for our families!!

Questions, reach out to Stacey at her email at

Also be sure to follow the Grandview Sports Facebook Page at

Clarenceville Continuity of Learning 2.0 Plan

The Clarenceville School District has put together a Continuity of Learning plan to ensure that learning continues for our students. The plan aligns with the 17 page executive order that the Governor stated ensuring that all orders will be carried out for our students. I have included images below to hi-light key components that relate to elementary with this plan.

1). The first image below discusses how the teachers will be delivering information to your children, as well as, how your child can be supported. There is a table that also hi-lights how much time should be devoted to learning each day. Please note that enrichment time can be provided to children, but should not exceed 30 minutes beyond the maximum time for each grade level.

2). The second image is the elementary schedule of teacher availability. That table hi-lights when videos will be posted and live instruction will take place for each grade level. If you missed the live sessions, do not worry as all live sessions will be recorded. These sessions are very important for your child to view as they will provide you with necessary information, practice, tips and tricks for your child to learn to be successful with their new learning.

3). The third image hi-lights the elementary student schedule. Having your child read for at least 20 minutes each evening is the most important skill to do with your child and ask your child questions about their reading too!!

In the end, the plan asks for 100% of our students to be connected with a device and Internet. Again, we have resources to make this happen for every student, but we can't make it happen, unless you let us know that you need help.

This plan will be carried out with fidelity for our Grandview students, but the plan will only be as successful as the support is at home. We know that you all are parents and guardians, not teachers. Just know that we recognize that and the best thing you can do is support the plan. We will do the teaching with the teachers. We need parents and guardians to be the supporters and cheerleaders for our students.

Continue to check into Google Classroom and Seesaw daily to see the activities that are being posted for your children to enjoy and to keep the brain thinking, the body moving and the students learning.

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Distance Learning Weekly Plan

Each week, the teachers have put together a distance learning plan. This plan hi-lights the essential learning that will be covered each week and one activity that needs to be done to help support the new learning. On Google Classroom and SeeSaw, there will be other activities to support these essential learning standards for our students. To find the distance learning plans, please visit the Clarenceville Website, click on the COVID-19 box in the left-hand corner of the page and then click on the green box or you can just click the following link.
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2020-2021 Friends of Grandview (FOG) Board Elections

There are a few FOG positions that are open for the 2020-2021 school year. We are trying to develop a virtual way to hold a virtual election.

The positions that are available are:

  • President
  • Co-Vice President
  • Treasurer

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Mrs. Carruth expressing your interest and which position you are interested in serving.

We hope you will join this rewarding and super important organization!

How Do I Engage My Children?

Here are a list of creative ways to engage with children. Here is a list of Clever activities that parents can give to families wanting to stay connected at home and in the community.

Food distribution Schedule

Please remember that the food is for ALL of the Grandview students. We fed your children two meals during the school year and want to continue. If you need help getting to the school or the bus route to pick up the food, please let me know. I have wonderful parents who are delivering food, just please let me know!!

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Looking for other areas for food?!?!

We know that many of our families live outside of the Clarenceville District and need food. I have included other school district's information, as well as Clarenceville, to let you know where else you can find food for your family. You do not have to have children in the various districts. So please use any listed resources.

IEP and 504 Meetings

If your child has a current IEP or 504 that has a timeline that needs to be revisited during this shut down, we are going to do our best to still hold the meetings virtually. Members of the Special Education team will reach out to you to set up the IEP meetings. Mrs. Carruth will reach out to the families with a student who has a 504.

New IEP's or 504 meetings will not meet during this shutdown. These will be occur and conversations will resume in the fall.

Again, if you have a concern, please reach out. We are here to help you!!

Report Cards

The teachers have reported for the third marking period. Due to the school closure for COVID-19, the 3rd marking period report card is based on evidence collected up to March 12, 2020.

Additionally, teachers will report on the fourth marking period based on participation and engagement and mastery of new learning. There will not be formal marks, but instead, teachers will make a comment on each student's report card about the level of participation and engagement during this time. Again, we want all students on-line learning and want to report on this accordingly.

Distribution of the report cards have yet to be finalized.

Getting supplies from the classrooms

We know that there are supplies and materials in the classrooms that we want to send home with the children. Unfortunately, we cannot get the supplies YET. Though please know that we are developing a plan and a timeline on when parents will be able to get into the classrooms to get materials. So please be patient and know that this opportunity will be given to all of you.


The yearbook is finished thanks to Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hayes and all the deadlines were still met. Therefore, if you already purchased a yearbook, we will be getting the yearbook to you in some way. If you did not purchase a yearbook, we only have a few extras and until we know when parents can access the building, we will not be taking any money or names. You cannot order a yearbook now. Requests to purchase a yearbook were sent out in the fall. If you missed that opportunity, please be patient until we know how many extras will be shipped to us and we will try and fill as many requests as we can.

Missing Grandview Students

I have created a Google Classroom too. I have my room as a platform for students to ask me questions during this unprecedented time. I also will be putting fun stuff in there too....jokes, riddles and birthday messages!!! So have your GV student join and post.

Classroom Code is.....3s2rma3


The Grandview staff put this video together to let you know that we miss all of you, but it is going to be OK!!! Happy viewing!!!
We Miss You Grandview!!

Tuesday Night Night

Tuesday Night Night will still occur every Tuesday at 8:00 pm.

If you cannot view Live, no worries, it is published to the Grandview Facebook Page so that families can view it at their earliest convenience for your children and their evening schedule. The point of this activity is to foster the importance of 10-20 minutes of reading each night. Remember it is super easy to view.....just visit the Grandview Facebook Homepage. I will be taking suggestions for books, so post away in our site so that I know what my Grandview readers want to hear at night. Can't wait to do what I love most....reading to students!!!

Parent Walk-Up

Once we return, parent walk-up will still not be opened. The biggest obstacle to avoid is large masses of people. Therefore, we will reserve the front to only bussers, at dismissal.

If you child walks home, they may, but they will not be dismissed by adults.

Please do not express your displeasure by just picking your child up at 3:15. That misses excessive learning time. We are doing this for safety. Please support us.

School Store Fundraiser

This fundraiser is still open as you shop through this crisis. The teachers received some gift cards this past week at the mid-way point in this fundraiser and were so excited with what they received. Remember, this is a Win-Win fundraiser as the school earns money, as well as, the classroom teacher. This fundraiser helped to purchase the clay that is used for art, this spring's assembly, as well as, the supplies for March is Reading Month.

School Store is an online shopping mall with over 400 nationally-known merchants including Sears, Target, Oriental Trading Co., Office Depot, Toys"R"Us, Family Book Store and many more. When your family and friends make everyday purchases from their favorite merchants through, your school, and classroom teacher earns money.

All you need to do is going to and enter Grandview Elementary School's code (0000009438) and then shop away.

Box Tops for Education

Please remember that Box Tops are moving away from clipping paper box tops and moving to scanning qualifying receipts to earn school money.

Last year, Grandview earned $757.50 with Box Tops and we do not want to lose that revenue.

There is a Grandview parent that is already earning box tops via apps. Please download the app and log in, it is easy. Questions, stop in the office!!!

The Importance of Sleep

Even with this extended time off, we are still asking our GV students to go to bed at their typical time and adhere to the bedtime guide below.
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Kroger and Grandview

Kroger and Grandview

We get money from Kroger if you add Grandview to your profile. Thank you to all of you who have already added Grandview to your account. Though know that it is never too late to sign-up and join!!! So shop away, Grandview is benefitting from your grocery shopping!

To Use the Kroger Community Rewards Program:
Simply encourage your participants to visit Once logged into their Kroger account they can search for Friends of Grandview either by name or TH003 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.

*Customers must have a registered Kroger rewards card account to link to your organization.
*If a member does not yet have a Kroger rewards card, please let them know they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your organization until after your participants register their rewards card.
Participants must swipe their registered Kroger rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.

Volunteering at School

If you are interested in volunteering at school next year, you need to complete an iChat form (available in the office) EACH YEAR and submit a copy of your driver’s license for a quick background check. Thank you! We love our Grandview Volunteers!

iChats are also needed to be filled out if you wish to be a WatchDOG dad or chaperone a field trip.

Job Opportunity

Noon Aides are needed for next year. This job involves supervising children in the lunch room and on the playground from 11:30am-1:00pm. Please stop in at the office to get an application if you are interested. You would need to be fingerprinted (approximately $70 cost) before working.

Important Dates and Upcoming Dates

All events have been cancelled. A refunding process will occur once we know when the Shelter in Place band has been lifted.

Please Connect

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