Kaytlyn Villanueba

Barcelona, Spain

how are you getting there

My friend and i will be going to barcealona by american airlines. My flight is 18 hours and 10 minutes long. i will making two stops on my way to barcelona, one will be in dallas, texas were we will get off and wait for a new departure to Miami, Florida. in Miami we will get off and go and do some streching when we are done we will get back on the plane to depart to Barcealona, Spain. we board our plane from denver to dallas at 7:10AM so we will need to get up failry early to arrange correct last minutes fixtures but in the end the rush will be worth the wait.

Where to Stay

We will staying in at the Silken Gran Hotel Havanna. We will be staying in the junior suite. The junior suite includes a living room/lounge room, balcony and a bedroom with a king size bed. the hotel offers a pool and breakfast it contains restraunts and has cool shops to look at instead it. it is a only going to cost me 1152.10 dollars for 11 nights and 12 days.


On the first day of our advanture in barcelona spain i will be going and renting a independent scooter tour for 75.57. When i get the scooter i will go and do some fun sight seeing around the town and then go get some dinner. On my second day in beautiful barcelona i will be taking a hot air ballon up and seeing this amazing town from up above for only 237.90.. On the third day in the magnificent city i will be going to lla fantasia water and theme park for some fun in the sun. i will be going on some rides and some water advantures too. Fourth day in barcelona i will be relaxing on the beautiful garraf beach. for the fifth day in barcelona i will just maybe go for a walk around town and then i we will be going on a wonderful wine and cheese tasting for only for 68.57 dollaors. The 6th day i will be going to biagonal mar (the biggest mall in barcelona) and im going to be doing some shopping with my cousin aitana.the next day i will be going on a party boat with my cousin we will be sailing the sea with beauty to see. Our fun little boat trip will contain music food and awsome loud and crazy people to chill with, for this advanture it will only cost us 64.37.



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