Ashley Diehl

Dream Career

Becoming an anesthesiologist is my dream career because I want to do something within the medical field and more specifically something within the operating room. An anesthesiologist is a job that is always in need in the medical force because nothing within the operating room can be performed within an anesthesiologist on staff. I also want to be apart of a high-functioning team, but also have my chance to maintain my own independence. The responsibility that comes with this job is something that is important to me, because I can make my own choices and not have to worry about others criticizing my decisions.

Getting Started

There are many different ways that you could get started in becoming an anesthesiologist. You could start by finding a career internship so you can get the experience of what an anesthesiologist encounters throughout their work day. Then you could start looking into Universities that offer classes that can help continue on the pathway to succeeding in becoming an anesthesiologist. After finding Universities that house the classes I would need to take, I would then start applying and signing up for classes.


Being an anesthesiologist allows me to be able to move around the country to many different hospitals to get a wide range of different cases that will enter through the operating room doors. I would specifically look to marketing myself to a larger hospital that will give me a wider variety of cases, as well as giving me more opportunity to explore.

Additional Information

Top schools for Anesthesiology in Michigan: University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Medicine

Salary: Approximately $300,000 annually

Responsibilities: Administer and manage anesthesia given during procedure, treating and handling changes in critical life functions - breathing, heart rate, and blood pressures.