Weekly Happenings

Week of 10/28/19

A Message from the Administrator:

Greetings MCS Families,

A couple housekeeping things for conferences tomorrow and Friday. The main building will be without water for most of the day in order to move the waterline. If you need to use the restroom you can use the house out front, which has two bathrooms.

For parking, please use the HIRC parking lot. You can park along the curb side of the exit, but please do not park on the grass next to the community gardens. If you need a handicapped parking space, there will be one available by the house up front. There will be a lot of excavation work occurring on Thursday. If you bring any children to conferences, you are responsible for their supervision as none will be provided by the school.

I look forward to seeing you all the next couple of days.


Tony Bonuccelli

Administrator, Moscow Charter School

**REMINDER: No School October 31st + Nov. 1st!!**

Haunted Puppetland tonight at 5 pm at Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Winter Weather Closure Procedure

With winter weather approaching, we would like to remind you of our inclement weather protocol.

Per our charter, we will following the decision of Greg Bailey, Superintendent of the Moscow School District. Greg and Greg Harris, the Transportation Supervisor, will begin assessing the situation at 4:00 am. They will be driving the roads, viewing the internet weather forecasts, and contacting county and city road departments to check on road conditions and the forecasted weather. They also will view the traffic cameras located within Moscow and along highway 95 to determine current conditions throughout the region, as well as predict whether the storm will continue or be short lived.

After reviewing all of the information, Greg Bailey will make the final decision to close school based on whether there is drifting snow in the surrounding rural areas within the district boundaries, the roads are extremely slick, and the weather appears to be getting worse and a forecast that predicts the poor weather to continue. If school is determined to be cancelled, notification will be sent out by 6:00 am. Our office will send an email and post on our website and Facebook page to notify families. We will also inform media groups such as KHQ, KLEW, KREM, KXLY, and our local radio stations. Please check these locations in the morning to find out if school will be in session.

We do not participate in two hour delays because many of the School District bus drivers work part time and have other jobs in between routes which makes them unavailable.

Hopefully, this answers any questions you may have as we head into the winter months.

Cold Weather Tips:

With colder months ahead, please be sure to pack warm gloves, socks, jackets, hats, etc. for your child to wear outside while playing. In order to avoid losing these items, please label them with your child's name.

Costume Day + Morning Meeting! Can you find Waldo?

Big picture

Kindergarten + 3rd Grade Learning with Pumpkins!

Christmas for Kids

Moscow Charter School has been invited to participate in Christmas for kids. Please read the following description and contact the office or school counselor if you are interested in applying, or would like to donate!

About Christmas for Kids:
Christmas for Kids is a non-profit organization that distributes Christmas gifts to low-income children in Moscow. This program is limited to children living in your home, under age 18 or senior in high school. It is intended for children who would receive very little or nothing on Christmas morning. CFK is not a government agency and is staffed entirely by volunteers. All of the gifts you will receive are donated by caring people in our community. Some families will be sponsored by a business or organization and others will be put on tree tags located in area stores.