S.S. Project

By: David Borah

Ancient Civilizations of Mexico

There are many ancient civilizations in Mexico. Three main civilizations are the Aztecs, the Olmec's, and the Maya's. There are also the Teotihuacan, the Zapotec's, and the Mixtec's of the Monte Alban. Many of these civilizations participate in sacrifices. These civilizations also worshiped Gods and made calendars. These civilizations had built many cities such as pyramids and massive stone head carvings. The Aztecs capital, "Tenochtitlan," is is the Spanish capital in Mexico City. The Olmec's were the first society (civilization) of Mexico. The Aztecs tried to play this ball game where you try to hit a ball into high goal by only using your hips, knees, head, and elbows.

Brazil Environmental Concerns

One environmental concern in Brazil is deforestation. People are cutting down to many trees for farms and other things that need room to build or make. The government has started building highway systems to be able to get to the Amazon Rain forest and cut down trees. Some concerns of this is that it is ruining plants and animals homes. Deforestation also causes carbon dioxide which leads to global warming.

Cuba's Government

Cuba's current leader is Rau'l Castro. Rau'l Castro is the brother of Fidel Castro. Cuba's leader has a five-year term as President. Cuba has a Communist government. A Communist government is a system of government where the Political Power dominates. One problem or issue because of Cuba's government is food shortage. More and more people in Cuba are either getting sick or injured because of their government.

Venezuela's Economy

Venezuela has many trading partners, but three major one's are the United States, Brazil, and North America/Central America. The best country that exports is North America/Central America. This country produced 29.9 billion dollars with exporting good and other things with Venezuela. The best country that imports is the United States. This country gets goods from Venezuela and has gave them 10.3 billion dollars throughout the years. Venezuela also has a GDP and Literacy Rate in their country. Venezuela's GDP is 50%. Their Literacy Rate is 93% in Venezuela.

Colombia's Culture

There are many interesting things throughout Colombia's culture. One thing is that Colombians consider them selfs Roman Catholic. The official language for Colombia is Spanish. Colombians also live in most high land or the Andes mountains. Colombia produces gold, timber, and stone. Colombia uses some of these resources for building or trading. Colombia is one of the best producer of coffee with its rich and amazing taste.