Google Apps - Advanced Skills

Managing a paperless classroom with advanced Google tools

How will I ever manage a paperless classroom?!

Going digital not only requires a "home" for your resources, but a way to "turn in" assignments, return work to students, and a way to quickly and efficiently assess them. Those tasks can be accomplished with the help of Doctopus and Goobric, two Google Sheets add-ons.

Add-ons run inside Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms, but they're built by developers.

Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets
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What will I do in this workshop?

  1. Install and setup Doctopus (using Google add ons)
  2. Set sharing permissions for yourself and your students
  3. Install the Goobric Chrome extension
  4. Create a rubric using Goobric
Organize your classes in Drive (using Doctopus)
Set sharing permissions of your docs
Integrate your rubrics for clear, consistent assessment