Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of September 16th-20th

Week in Review

Another week under our belt and we are smarter than we were last Monday! The students have worked SO HARD and have shown me they are a very competent group! We threw ourselves into making text-to-self connections in fiction texts, learned how to be safe in the science lab, set up our Problem Solving notebooks (while working difficult Problems of the Day), and also learned how to be a focused author and illustrator during Writing Workshop. This coming week, I aim for completing the reading assessments I have been doing in class so I can work on Parent Conference forms, which will contain a plethera of information about your student.

What We Will Be Learning About This Week...

Math: This will be a dense week in math! On Monday, we will focus on drawing conclusions with graphing. We will use what we already know (our schema) plus the data on the graph to make new understandings that aren't already told to us. On Tuesday, we will be using patterns and algebraic reasoning by exploring number lines to 99 and skip counting to discover a variety of patterns and exploring hundreds charts. Wednesday, we will go back to graphing by looking at pictures graphs to draw conclusions. Thursday we dive into a required lesson that focuses on place value in terms of greater than and less than. Finally, we reach Friday...Today, we will be exploring a bar graph question with intervals of 2. The entire week, we will also solve problems of the day that are connected to every day experiences, and require students to communicate and use logical reasoning to justify thinking.

What you can do at home: Ask your student about what he/she knows about graphing. See if they can tell you about the different types of graphs (bar, picture, tally), and how we can draw conclusions based on the data.

Reading: The focus in reading will be connections in the beginning of the week then we will move into setting later in the week. Students will make connections to their own experiences, to ideas in texts, and to the larger community and discuss textual evidence. Students will ask relevant questions, seek clarification, and locate facts and details about stories, and compare texts and support answers with evidence from the text. Students will describe similarities and differences in the setting of several works by the same author. **I will be assessing students individual reading levels this week. I will be sharing this information with you during conferences.

What you can do at home: Get your student thinking about connections. Ask them when they read to self if they have any connections to the text. Quiz them about text-to-text connections (when one book reminds you of another), text-to-world connections (when something in a book reminds you of something in our world, like weather, history, or current events), or finally text-to-media connections (when something in a book reminds you of a movie or play you've seen, song you've heard, or website you've visited).

Writing/Language Arts: In writing and language arts this week, we will begin "Work on Words" by having a whole-class word sort for practice. I will introduce how we do "spelling" in our class by have a list of words and the students will practice sorting them into categories. Then we will practice word work activities as a whole group. This week will be a segway into the different spelling groups we will have in class the following week. We will also focus on punctuation, namely the use of periods, question marks, and exclamation points. We will go back into our Writing Folders to check our punctuation.

What you can do at home: Have your student identify the different types of sentences he/she has learned in class. Ask them to find examples of "telling" sentences (sentences that use periods), "asking" sentences (using question marks), and "strong feeling" sentences (that use exclamation points).

Social Studies: This week we will be flipping back to social studies for celebrate freedom week. Students will understand the functions of government, and how we celebrate freedom in America. Constitution day is officially Tuesday, Sept. 17. On Friday, Sept. 20 we will have a Freedom Walk after assembly where we will be assignment a specific color to wear (red, white or blue) - more information will be coming in the following days.

What you can do at home: Talk with your student about the government helps to keep us safe, manages conflict, and establishes order. Compare and contrast how rules at school and home are alike and different from the laws of our state/country. Also talk about our personal freedoms; we have certain rights just by being a citizen of this country.

Spotlight Stallion

Omar is our Spotlight Stallion this week! Omar is a great student who works hard to follow Sommer expectations. Fantastic job, Omar! I know Peter is so excited to come home with you for the weekend!

On the Calendar

Monday, September 16th... Homework Due

Friday, Sept, 20th....Assembly and Celebrate Freedom Parade

Wednesday, Sept. 25th....Early Release Day

Wednesday, Oct. 2d..... Mrs. Cormack out for Math Training, Picture Day

Friday, Oct. 4th....Mrs. Cormack out a half day to see family :)

Thursday, Oct. 10th...TAG Parent Info Night

Tidbits from the Teacher

Thursday Folders - I have stapled a sheet for you to sign each week for the Thursday Folder. I know, I know, one more thing to sign! I do appreciate your cooperation!

Parent Conferences - Confirmation Forms that show your official date and time for your Parent Conference will go home this week. Look for it in your student's Take Home Folder. You only need to return the Confirmation Form if you need to change the date of the conference. I tried to schedule as many of your 1st choices as I could, but there were A LOT of you who signed up for the exact same date and time! Again, THANK YOU for your cooperation and patience!

Homework - Always due on Mondays. Please have your student wait to turn it in until Monday. They can keep it in their Take Home Folder if they finish it early.

TFK Magazine and Class T-Shirts - THANK YOU to everyone for turning in the TFK money on time! Yay! Also, please be on the lookout for Class T-Shirt orders. I know that is one more thing to buy, but please keep in mind that we will wear these shirts a lot, especially on Fridays, Field Trips, etc. They are also really good quality shirts and make for great class pictures! It is not mandatory to buy one, but I would really like everyone to have one.

Birthday Book Club- The library has gone electronic. Please use the link provided to complete your child's birthday book form:

e Backpack Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!