where your food comes from?

Today we will talk about one problematic in UK and is the greenhouse gas.



  1. food in the UK now travels 50% further than it did 15 years ago.
  2. transportation of food is responsible for 33% of the increase in rood freight over the last 15 years
  3. here in UK, road transport is the only source of a greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) thats`s still increasing.

And now let`s see an example of this problem... Let's Compare two vegetables

The first is in the supermarket ,comes of kenya and travelled 4,333 miles to get here.

This vegetable was picked five days ago and is not more natural, because they used chemicals to stop the ripening and cleaned

the second vegetable was buying in the farmer´s market, traveled 6 miles to get here and they was picked today and was cleaned with water

Remember to buy vegetables in the farmers' market. Is more natural and helps the planet

by Enrique Escalona