Juliet: Internal Conflict

People should learn to deal with difficult things in life, rather than questioning them or making rash decisions

Act IV, Scene 1

Juliet realizes she is being forced to marry a man named Paris, soon after marrying Romeo. She goes to meet Friar Lawrence to discuss this, but is having a very hard time dealing with her predicament. A quote from Juliet reads, "I long to die If thou speakst not of remedy" (1074 line 70). This is an example of how Juliet would rather make a very bad decision, than thinking or learn to work through what she is going through. Although Juliet is young, she still has the power to cope with challenges that face her in life, but chooses not to try to.

Act II, Scene 2

During this part of the play, Juliet realizes that she has fallen for a Montague, the family arch rival. This is something that Juliet has a very hard time dealing with. She pleads out, "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou, Romeo?" (1023, line 35). Here, she believes she is talking to herself, wondering why it must be the family enemy who she has fallen for. Juliet does not know how to cope with falling for Romeo, so she decides to battle with herself about it instead.

Act IV, Scene 3

After hearing Friar Lawrence's plan of drinking the potion, Juliet begins to worry and question things that could come out of drinking it. In the story Juliet worry's, "What if it be a poison...to have me dead....if...I wake before that Romeo come to redeem me?" (1079 line 30). She is talking to herself before drinking the potion about things that could potentially go wrong. She cannot deal with the decision she has already agreed to, therefore she begins to inquire it.

Act V, Scene 3

After Romeo decides to kill himself, thinking Juliet is dead, Juliet is heartbroken. Due to the fact she is very young, and her mind may jump the most rash thing it can think of, she makes a very bad decision. Juliet states, "This is thy sheath, there rust, and let me die" (1098 line 184). She is speaking to the dead body of Romeo, because she is soon to join him in death. Juliet jumps to a very quick decision, which is to off herself, believing she can never find another or never move on from Romeo.