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Mesopotamia was located in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and the Euphrates river. Mesopotamia means land between 2 rivers.

Summer- the summers are very hot. The temperature ranges from 110-130 degrees. The Tigris and the Euphrates dry out, and the mud turns to dry dust. Winter- in the winter it is mostly rainy. There is snow and ice there as well which made a supply of water in the spring. Spring- the snow and ice melts. The melting snow and ice go into the Tigris and the Euphrates river.

The present day Mesopotamia is Iraq.


Mesopotamia is approximately 5,100.30 miles from elm city middle school.


Farming- the early settlers planted wheat, barley, dates, and vegetables like cucumbers, onions, apples, and spices.

Agriculture- there was a lot of crops to grow. Mesopotamia was dry, and hardly ever got any rain. Irrigation helped greatly because it stopped their plants from flooding.

Poisoned feilds

Poisoned fields led to the fall of Mesopotamia because the irrigation water evaporated into mineral salts, which was poisonous to humans. The mineral salts were in the fields where their crops grew, and it got on the crops that they ate, so people started dying.

What did they eat?

The lower class people ate vegetable stew, fish, apples, pears, grapes, figs, quinces, plums, apricots, mulberries, melons, pomegranates, pistachios, and cakes (for special occasions).

The upper class people ate all of the same food as lower class people but they also had unleavened bread, milk, beer, and expensive meats.

Why did they live by water?

They lived by bodies of water because it was easier to get to than having to walk far to go get it. They also lived by water because they believed that irrigation helped their crops grow better.

The steps of farming

Flood- before you start to work with the soil, you have to flood the field with irrigation water.

Plough- after you flood the field you have to plough the field to rotate the soil.

Harrow- after you plough the field you have to take the harrow through the field to smooth it out and make it even.

Sow- now that you have ploughed and harrowed the field you have to put the seeds in the ground.

Water- now you have to water the field 3 times after you have sown it.

Harvest- the crops are ready now, so you must take the crops up and bring it to the threshing house.


Why were Hammurabi's laws important?

They were important because they were the first set of laws ever created. They were important also because the laws were written down clearly and the laws were fair to everyone, the rich and the poor. Also people were expected to obey these laws how we are supposed to obey our laws.

The story of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh was the leader and ruler of Urk. One day Gilgamesh and his friend became bored and they didnt know what to do. Enkidu and Gilgamesh wanted adventure and action. Gilgamesh wanted to cross the plains and go to the mountains. They wanted to bring back cedar from the cedar trees. Cedar was special and good for building things with such as roofs, doors, temples, and palaces. The wood was nice because it could stay strong without rotting and falling apart for many years. People heard stories about this evil Demond named hum baba. He watched and guarded the cedar forest. Hum baba was big and scary, when he roared it sounded like thunder and the ground shook, his mouth had big sharp pointy teeth. Enkidu and Gilgamesh were excited to meet hum baba. They believed they could fight hum baba and beat him. They thought if they fought him they could finally have some action and adventure. Gilgamesh and enkidu packed supplies and weapons. When they got to the mountains they looked around. They walked over to the cedar Forrest and made an offering to the sun god. The next day they climbed the mountain to the top of the peak. Soon they arrived at the place where the good cedars grew. They got their materials out and started to cut a tree when they hears a horrible sound. They both froze in their spots and didnt move because they were to frightened. Then right in front of them was hum baba the Demon. After a few moments of silence hum baba roared and asked why they were in his forest. Gilgamesh and enkidu did not reply. Hum baba threatened to kill them if they did not give him an answer. Finally they said they were here because they needed some cedar wood. Hum baba roared and became very angry at them. Enkidu wanted to stay and fight, so they did. They brought in all the winds north, south, east, and west. Gilgamesh also brought in wind, ice, storms, and typhoon winds. The winds whirled around hum baba he screamed and cried to get it off of him. While hum baba was trapped in the wind they cut down as many trees as they could and ran. Soon they arrived back at home in he city. People congratulated them and gave them a celebration for their good work, and they listened to the tales of their great adventures.


Cuniform was the first way if writing using picto graphs, and symbols. The Sumerians invented cuniform.

What are the diff. Classes?

The social class is divided up between two different classes, the upper class and the lower class. The upper gets nicer things such as clothing, food, and bigger houses. The lower class people get one story houses, regular food, and not nicer clothing.

What is a ziggurat?

A ziggurat is a large temple in the center of all city states in mesopotamia. The ziggurat is a large temple where the gods live at.