Genetics Smores Project

By:Ethan Sandy, Bella Nunu

What is the study of Genetics?

The branch of biology that studies heredity

Who discovered Genetics and how did he do this?

The person who discovered Gregor Mendell. He studied pea plants.

Contrast the following terms: dominant/recessive; hetrozygous/homozygous; genotype/phenotype

Example of a punnett square

Genotype: 25% AA 50%Aa 25% aa                                Phenotype: 75% Auburn fur 25% Violet fur

Describe incomplete dominance and provide an example.

Incomplete dominance is where two dominant alleles fuse together to create a new allele.

Describe codominance and provide an example

Codominance is where there is a pattern where phenotypes of both homozygotes parentes are produced in heterozygous offspring so that both alleles are equally expressed.

What are multiple alleles and what are they used to detremine

Precense of more that two alleles for a genetic trait.

Describe and provide examples of sex-linked traits

traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosomes