Tay sachs

By Dan priester


tay-sachs is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder. In its most common variant.

Ashkenazi/Cajun, Ashkenazi Jews, french candians are the most comon people that its found in.


fThe diese tay sachs hasmanysymptoms and effects dailylife in a big. The symptoms of tay sachs are blindness, deafness, being unable to eat, and paralytic.It effects the daily life because the people can't see, hear, and eat regularly. The dieses starts at 6 months old and the child will die by the age of 4. these people will neveregt to dee the age of 6.


Them HEXA gene is the effected by Tay-sachs.

For this disease the mutations are 100 diffrent types

The chromozoneis hetrozygus.


treatmentsfor this would be glasses, feeding tubes, and or ghearing aids.

The possible Cures are non there are no cures for tay sachs yet.


tay-sachs is also known as r hexosaminidase A deficiency

Tay-sachs causes deterioration of nerve cells.

the disease is named after the British ophthalmologist Waren Tay,

HEXA mutations are rare and are most seen in genetically isolated populations