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WHS Counseling Center Newsletter- January 2021

2nd Semester Schedules

Check Your Schedule!

Please check your 2nd-semester schedule to make sure it is complete!!! You should not have any empty periods or "see counselors" on your schedule. Some of you may be missing a B2/G2, which is ok because we are not currently doing our Advisory/Tutorial period, but all other periods should be filled!!! If you have an empty class period or a "see counselor" on your schedule, please visit your counselor immediately to fix it. Failure to get your classes filled may result in a credit deficiency for graduation!! Thank you!



When is the ACT?

Once a year, the entire 11th grade at WHS will participate in taking an ACT test. The test date this year is March 9th. Registration for this test will take place at the high school, you will not need to register on your own. Please mark this on your calendar! The ACT is a great step in preparing for college and can help with admissions, scholarships, and course placement(even in their senior year!).

Local and out-of-state universities and colleges, including MTEC, our local trade/tech college, use ACT scores for the things mentioned above. This is why the ACT is so important. One of the goals of WHS is to have all students be college-ready, no matter what their college plans are; university, military, trade/tech school.

If a student doesn't think that college is in their future, or they are planning on taking a gap year, it is still important for them to take the test. ACT scores are good for 3 years, so if they graduate and have a change of plans a year or two afterward, their ACT scores will still be useful!

How do you prepare?

Aside from doing well in your classes, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the ACT.

  1. Sign up for the WHS ACT PREP CLASS!! Registration for this class is now open, please visit the finance window to pay for the ACT Prep textbook that will be used. You must choose between two options, either in-person or a canvas-based course, both taught by our WHS teachers. Please check your email(sent 1/20) for more details.
  2. Attend the "ACT STRATEGIES" presentation by WHS counselors. Counselors will be sharing ACT-specific strategies to help you navigate the test. We offer this presentation during the school day and early on during the ACT prep class window so that you can practice implementing these strategies as you answer practice questions for the test.
  3. Sign up for FREE ACT prep online:
  • navigator.kuder.com: all students should have an account, under the menu bar, click "prepare for entrance exams" and you will see ACT course and practice. If you need help with your account, contact your counselor
  • Shmoop.com: you may already have an account, since shmoop is used among some of the teachers at WHS. If you need help creating an account, contact your counselor.
  • act.org: for free test prep from ACT, visit https: //www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-preparation/free-act-test-prep.html

What do I do with my scores?

You will have an opportunity to send your scores, for free, to 4 colleges of your choice. We highly recommend that all students send their scores to UVU as one of their schools, since they might be enrolling in concurrent or distance ed classes in their 12th-grade year.

Your scores will be posted on your transcript and as you apply to colleges, some schools will accept them from that document, making the application process a little easier!

You will have an ACT ID# that will allow you to access your ACT account and send scores to more colleges in the future if needed.




It has been decided that a separate newsletter dedicated to scholarships will be sent out to seniors only. Please be watching for those emails if you are a senior or parent of a senior. They will also be sent out monthly.

Don't forget, the search for scholarships must go on! You are likely to find scholarships to apply to all the way through the summer before you start college!!



If you are a FULL-TIME ESCHOOL student OR HYBRID student and do not have current eschool courses, please visit your counselor as soon as possible to sign up for new ones. All full-time eschool students should have received new or continuing classes for the 2nd semester.

Please note who your contact teacher would be for the following programs:

Students with 'ESCHOOL HOME" on their schedule: Melissa Brown, melissa.brown@wasatch.edu

Students with "Eschool campus" or Eschool CR": Brent Martindale, brent.martindale@wasatch.edu

Please also note that course selections must go through a counselor first and will then be turned into the correct person above, depending on the program.


WHS WAYfinder program


This new program at WHS supports students' mental wellness as they navigate high school. Lessons and activities are delivered to 9th-grade students in Health classes. Topics include expanding your emotional vocabulary, identifying your core values, listening to your intuition, personal boundaries and more! We have enjoyed the conversations from our 9th graders as they've engaged in these lessons. Lessons will be monthly and are only 20-30 minutes long, with easy to remember key points that students can implement into their daily lives. We look forward to providing more tools of resiliency, self-awareness, advocacy, and mental wellness to our students!


9th grade PCCRs

9th grade PCCRs will be coming up during the month of February. Counselors will be going into 9th grade classes next week with a short college/career lesson and instructions about how to prepare for their PCCR. PCCRs are individual appointments for the student, parent, and counselor. Appointments will be face-to-face, however Zoom conferences are available upon request.

Strategies for high school success, academic progress, post-high school goals, and 10th grade course-selection will be discussed during the PCCR. This is an important meeting, you don't want to miss it!

An email will be sent out soon with instructions for making your PCCR appointment.

UVU concurrent enrollment deadline

Monday, Jan. 25th, 12am

This is an online event.

This is the last day to register for a spring semester concurrent enrollment class with UVU. You can get the course number from your teacher! Log into your UVU account and add the class to your UVU schedule.

Regents's Scholarship Deadline!!

Monday, Feb. 1st, 12am

This is an online event.

Utah Higher Ed Day

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 12am

This is an online event.

Formerly known as College Tour Day, this is an activity for students to learn about the different college options in the state of Utah. All types of post-secondary schools are represented from traditional 4-year schools to local tech programs, there's something for everyone!

Self- Care Week @ WHS

Monday, Feb. 8th, 11am to Friday, Feb. 12th, 1pm

930 500 East

Heber City, UT

Students will enjoy lunchtime activities, wellness tips, and swag as WHS Wolf Pack and Counselors promote Self-Care and mental wellness!

National School Counseling Week

Monday, Feb. 1st, 12:15am to Friday, Feb. 5th, 11:45pm

930 500 East

Heber City, UT

This week is to celebrate the services that counselors provide to the students across the nation. Counselors will be promoting the programs and services to increase awareness of what resources are available at WHS.