By: Chase Chambers / 4th Hour

WHO: Robin Williams & President Richard Nixon

Robin Williams & President Richard Nixon were one of the 3 million people per year to get the diease Shingles.
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WHAT is Shingles?

A reactivation in the body. Causing a painful rash in parts of your body.

Symptons: blisters all over body, red rashes, scabs, burning sensations

WHERE it effects the body?

Shingles affects the whole body, the most painful parts of your body would be in the forehed, and one half of your body, and your skin would be inchy

WHEN it most commonly effects the body?

The shingles is a short term rash that only last for a couple days then going away. The shingles most commonly I would say strikes the body on the forehead and on either side of your stomach.

WHY do you get the disease?

If you've ever had the Chickenpox ever in your life, then the Shingles disease is already in your body. After, you get better from the Chickenpox the Shingles disease sleeps in your nerve roots, in some people the disease wakes up, and then you have Shingles for a couple of days. Other people it never wakes up.

HOW can you treat the Shingles disease?

A couple didnt ways you can treat Shingles while having it & after having it is you can take pain relief and antiviral medications. To prevent from ever having the Chickenpox or Shingles again you should get the Chckenpox vaccine (but that's more for kids) and you can also get the Shingles vaccine (but thats more for adults) and all of those should miniize your chances of getting those diseases again.


- About 1 & 3 adults will have the Shingles Disease

- The technical name for Shingles is "Herpes Zostar"

- The Shingles disease is not contagious