Panda PAWS 1.6

September 20-24, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

September 20:
  • Model PLC Mondays: Jeans for Staff

September 21:

  • Purposeful Planning Day in cafe
  • Boysen on campus
  • PK 4: 8:00-11:00
  • PK 3: 12:15-3:15
  • Subs are not picking up, so they will be limited.
  • IT Professionals' Day: Thank you to CAREY WATKINS, our CT for all you do!
  • Dickson: Principal Meeting @ Singley all day
  • Carey Watkins on campus

September 22:
  • Well-deserved Wednesdays-Jeans for Staff

September 23:
  • Solution Tree RTI Coaching Academy (Gonzales, Dixon, Alonso, Mercado, Knutson)

September 24:
  • 8:00 Grades DUE
  • Carey Watkins on campus
  • Solution Tree RTI Coaching Academy (Gonzales, Dixon, Alonso, Mercado, Knutson)
  • #EPED Prize Day
  • Spirt Day: Jeans & Pierce Shirts
  • Last Day of the 1st 6 Weeks

COVID Protocol Updates:

We are working hard to find a balance between authentic family engagement & safety. Please be patient as things can change at the last minute.

  • We will begin holding in person and socially distanced Parent Meetings.

  • Parent Conference Day on October 8 will be VIRTUAL CONFERENCES only.

  • We are working to create a limited capacity schedule for in person parent volunteers. We will let you know when we have finalized this plan.

  • We WILL NOT be holding in person class programs at least for the Fall Semester. We will make a decision on the Spring Semester at a later date.

  • Lifetouch pictures WILL take place this year for both PK 3 & PK 4. All Picture Days are labeled on the Pierce Outlook Calendar.

Library Updatee:

Parent Books: We have had great parent checkout this year! When a bag of books is returned from the parents, you can either place the bag on one of the carts in the hallway or you can bring the bag to the library and put it on Ms. Luna’s desk. We will checkout more books to the parent and place the bag outside your door, so we don’t disturb your class.

Dallas Stars Teacher Appreciation Night:

The Dallas Stars would like to invite your teachers to a special teacher appreciation night on Saturday, Nov. 13, at 8 PM at the American Airlines Center. Please share if you would like!

Teachers can use this website- to purchase discounted tickets which includes a t-shirt.

Conscious Disclpline Update

Big picture
Big picture

Shout Outs!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Ms. Segovia! You are amazing with your students!

Thanks everyone for your participation in Dot Day!

From Carey Watkins:

I’d like give a shout-out to Mrs. Popkin for letting me borrow her umbrella so I didn’t have to catch the bus in the rain ☔️

From Tracy Gonzales:

Collaborative Team Meetings have been so fun to be a part of. Lots of discussion around student learning, data, and CFA checks.

Great to have you at Pierce Ms. Boysen. You have hit the ground running and participating in great collaborative conversations.

Thank you Sped Team (Jenkins, McKimmey, Knutson, Wehr, Pierce) for the great presentation you provided to Gen Ed teachers.

It was so fun and exciting to be able to present staff members with certificates that exemplify their amazing qualities (Trevizo, Robertson, Zandra, Pence)!!!!!!!

Thank you Jennifer Dickson for leading this team and helping us all to grow and learn in the never ending PLC process.

Miahasha Williams:

Shout out to Ms. Marcela for having the BEST energy!

From karen Nichols:

Shout out to Maria Chavira for the phone call that made me laugh last Friday! You always put a smile on my face!

Shout out to 111 for letting me share in the fun on Wednesday. 😊

From Thalia Zamudio:

Mrs. Reyes- Thank you so much for including me in everything we do in the classroom, for asking for my opinion and always taking me into consideration. I also thank you for being such an amazing support system, you are truly an amazing teacher!

Pierce Staff- Thank you to everyone at Pierce for welcoming me into your school!

Mrs. Trevizo & Ms. Garcia- Gracias por toda su ayuda desde el primer dia que llegue a esta escuela, y por hacerme sentir bienvenida! Estoy muy agradecida con ustedes 🙂 Gracias por todo.

From Rene Parish:

Shout out to Mr. Perla!

The warm donuts you left in the lounge this week was “Yummy for my tummy”

Thank You

From Ashley Boysen:

Eva Reyes (& unnamed colleagues that helped her!) – for being so ready & willing to help translate PK3 report card competencies and documents.

Jennifer & Tracy – for bringing Erkins here and fostering such a productive discussion/environment.

From Cristal Alonso:

Ms. Garcia-thank you for everything you do for me and our kids you truly are amazing! Sin ti estaria perdida

Ms. Lara and Ms. Chavira-thank you for always being there and lending an ear and being a great support!

Ms. Dixon-thank you for the laughs 😊

Ms. Li-thank you for the help with our little ones

Ms. Natal, Ms. Molina, Ms. Trevizo, Ms. Veloz-thank you for our (short) time together in the lounge.

Ms. Reyes-thank you for listening to my thoughts

My team-thanks for the hard work we have put into everything. We may not have it all figured out yet, but I know we will.

From Whitney McKimmey:

Shout out to…..

Mrs. Parish and Ms. Lazo – I LOVE our team! Thank you for supporting me through all of our adventures 😉

ECSE Team – You guys are rock stars!! I appreciate all of our conversations and the way we support each other.

Pre-K 4 Team – I am so excited to start this inclusive journey with you guys.

Mrs. Pence – Thank you for listening and problem solving with me.

From Ashley Pence:

Popkin- Thank you very much for the kind words and the Row Your Boat award!

Gonzales- Thank you for calming the stress of PD credits

Alonso, Nadya, Veloz, Sylvia, Karen- Thank you for the popcorn!

Eber Perla-Thank you for the cupcakes!!

#FridayInspiration for a Model PLC Campus

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