Have You Seen Bigfoot?

Have You Seen This Beast?

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Age: maybe 39

Color: brownish red

Gender: male

Place Born: the woods

Height Of Bigfoot: 6 - 10 ft long.

Weight of Bigfoot: 400 - 1,000 lbs ( 180- 450 kgs )

Skin: black, brown, and tan

Hands: 6 - 8.5 inch.

Head: sagittal crest

Eyes: brown/red

Odor: smells like butch who lives under the bridge


Bigfoot has been reported and documented for hundreds of years. in 1765, europe was attacked by huge " haired animals ". bigfoot can run up too 30 mph. You might find bigfoot in the woods somewhere. bigfoot is immune to "pepper spray".

in april 3rd, 1985, a small boy in oregon was born and put in display because when he was born he was all covered in brown hair. he has been given the name "ape".. in june, 2000, bones found in klamath, OR. the "human" remains would be that of the tallest man in the world, laid out, the individual, stood 9 feet, 6 inches. the femur bone was measured 4 feet, 1 inch. in 2010, outside boise, ID, new artifacts were found in multiple caves portraying a giant "bear". consistently walking in his hind legs like a man.

made by: Kira Autumn Taylor