Lung disease research project

Lexi Pritchett-4/9/14-5th period

Description of emphysema

A chronic irreversible disease of the lungs characterized by abnormal. Enlargement of air spaces in the lungs. Accompanied by destruction of the tissue lining the walls of air spaces

Is emphysema contagious

Emphysema is a non-infectious disease

Data about emphysema

Emphysema is a long-term chronic lung disease in emphysema the tiny air sacs (alveoli) at the end of the airways in the lungs are damaged

How many people have emphysema

2.3 million in 1982 to 3.1 million in 2002 have emphysema

Has the number of people with emphysema

The number of deaths have projected to increase do to higher COPD

How does emphysema affect a persons life

Emphysema is a condition in which the lining of the lungs have ceased to work due to the amount of toxins inhaled. Healthy lungs are typically pink; those emphysema have black lungs it is irreversible

Cause of emphysema

A person airways and lungs contain millions of small air sacs called (avelio) in which tiny capillaries work too add oxygen to your blood

Effects of tobacco on emphysema

Smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes can lead to lung cancer,emphysema, heart attack and stroke to name a few

Are there any cures to emphysema

There is no emphysema cure other than lung transplantation