Prisoner B-3087

Graham B.

Brief Summary

Yanek and his family, who are all jewish, just so happened to be in Poland during the Nazi invasion. Yanek's family was abducted and sent to different camps throughout Nazi controlled territory in Poland and they were all alone. Yanek, despite the odds, is briefly reunited with his Uncle Moshe at one of the Concentration Camps and Moshe tells Yanek that no matter what happens you must survive through this. Yanek is transported to another Camp and never sees Moshe again and is sent through every single type of Concentration camp including salt mines, labor camps, and even Auschwitz. Its all up to Yanek to see if he can get through it all.

Characters in Prisoner B-3087

  • Yanek Gruener(Protagonist of the story)
  • Uncle Moshe( Yaneks uncle)
  • Isaac(One of Yaneks friends he meets in a camp)
  • Yaneks Dad(No given name in the book but plays key role in Yaneks survival in the Ghetto in the beginning)
  • Yaneks mom(Resists the Nazi control and helps Yanek early like Yaneks Dad)
  • Amon Goeth(Antagonist that Yanek faces for a majority of the book)
  • Fred(Another one of Yaneks friends that Yanek meets in a Camp)

Yaneks Character Analysis

Trait One: Strong Willed

1. Yanek able to survive six years under Nazi control as Jew is proof enough, but Not to mention everything he went through like having no one around to help him and such a huge sense of loneliness that Yanek feels a lot throughout the book.

Trait Two: Emotionally Broken

1. While Yanek was able to survive it doesn't mean that he was alright , at least mentally. Yanek at some points showed a lot of sympathy for one person who the Nazis would be kicking around or if they were messing around with some of the wildlife nearby. However sometimes Yanek would seem like he wasn't phased that several people were murdered right in front of him.

A quote from Yanek:

1. "If i had knew of the next six years of my life I would have eaten more, ran more, played more, and just generally appreciate everything that I had before the Nazis."

Theme of Prisoner B-3087

In my eyes the theme was indirectly given away in the beginning when Uncle Moshe had told Yanek that no matter what happens you must survive. This is supports for me that the theme is that you always have something to live for and one should always have hope no matter how grim a situation can look like.

Important Event

One of the most important events is near the end of the book where all of Yaneks hope is lost as he is being transported to another "camp" and this is done during the coldest part of winter. Yanek starves and is fed about a tenth of loaf a bread everyday, and it even gets so cold to where Yanek almost decided to just stop trying to live and to give up on everything he had survived through just because of the low point that Yanek had dropped to , which was the absolute rock bottom. However Yanek ended up pushing on in the end was able to endure all of it.

My Recommendation

I would recommend this book to more matured people like in high school or older. However if you are of the faint of heart this book would definitely not suit you because of the gory, dark scenes included in the book.