TVUSD Community Update

Friday, April 9, 2021

Secondary Students On-Campus and Next Steps

Dear TVUSD Families & Staff,

Today marks the end of yet another successful week! Many of our secondary students and staff returned to on-campus learning this week, and I was thrilled to visit campuses and witness the excitement and amazing work. This is yet another step towards a return to traditional, on-campus learning.

Many people are asking, What is next? How soon can we return for more in-person learning? What will the fall look like? While we know our staff, students, and families are adjusting to the latest transitions, we are also excited that the Center for Disease Control has reduced the recommended space between students to 3 feet in classrooms and 6 feet in common areas. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) also updated its guidance to reflect the same.

We are pleased that both of our labor associations have agreed to return to negotiations this upcoming week to evaluate how we incorporate these new guidelines and give consideration to moving closer to full-time on-campus learning options. We remain committed to following the guidelines established by CDPH and Riverside County Public Health (and not being more restrictive), as well as our three guiding principles: high-quality teaching and learning throughout the school year; health, safety, and well-being of students and staff; and a sustainable model with the least amount of disruption.

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 school year, we are also very optimistic! On April 6, CDPH released Beyond the Blueprint, a guide for when California fully reopens the economy, which is anticipated on June 15, 2021. Based on this information, I am thrilled to share that TVUSD plans to offer full-time, on-campus learning for all grades. Online options will also be available for our families wishing to pursue alternatives. Please watch your email for a dedicated communication highlighting the new TK-8 Home INstead INnovation Academy and Susan Nelson’s 9-12 Independent Study Program.

This weekend, in another step forward, our high school seniors will participate in an annual rite of passage by painting their parking spaces. This is a long-overdue event, and I am grateful to our secondary teams for making these milestone events happen within the required safeguards. Plans are also underway for in-person graduations and promotions.

It has been a long year, with an incredible amount of changes and challenges. This week served as yet another reminder, however, of just how special TVUSD is. As many more students returned to classrooms, teachers and support staff continued to bring the curriculum to life. I observed science experiments on the field, a Spanish class conjugating verbs with sidewalk chalk, and in-person students partnering with their virtual peers to ensure all were equally engaged with their learning. We are one step closer to our traditional programs and so thankful for the support, patience, and hard work of all.


Jodi McClay, Ed.D.


Temecula Valley Unified School District

Office of Public Information