FREE Help for EOCT Courses!!!

Atlanta Public Schools Summer 2016

Why is summer a good time to study?

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Because you are out of school and have time!!! 馃槂

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Did you know that APS has a FREE online tool you can use to study for your End of Course class?

You can study a class that you have already for study for a class you will take next year. There are not grades attached so you can study at your leisure.
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The Power is in YOUR Hands!

You have access to a valuable online tool called USATestprep at school. You are also able to use this resource outside of school from any computer with web access. USATestprep is fun, easy to use, and provides many features that will help you review and/or learn the content for your End of Course Test classes.

Did you know that each End of Course Test (EOCT) is a state-mandated 15 -20% of the final grade for the final courses? What courses? See the list below.

Whta are the End of Course Test (EOCT) Classes?


路 Coordinate Algebra

路 Analytic Geometry

路 GPS Geometry

Social Studies

路 United States History

路 Economics/Business/Free Enterprise


路 Biology

路 Physical Science

English Language Arts

路 Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

路 American Literature and Composition

How can I use USATestprep to study?

You have acces to:

鈥 Unlimited diagnostic practice tests

鈥 Specific content area practice questions with hints and explanations

鈥 Tutorial videos with comprehension questions

鈥 Interactive vocabulary activities

鈥 Engaging review games

Puzzles and word finds

鈥 Variety of performance tasks

Suggested practice based on areas of weakness

Log in to get started! By the end of the summer, you will be much better in your EOCT class.

What is this AWESOME resource?

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Click on the link below to access USATestprep


You can also get the code from your counselor or media specialist.