JROB DUGOUT NEWS 9/17 - 9/21

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Creating EQUITY and ACCESS in JROB Classrooms with Daily Learning Intentions

Purposeful and intentional planning in CCSS that is grounded in clarity of what we want all students to know and how they will demonstrate their understanding is supported with DAILY LEARNING intentions.

Beginning and ending each period (MS) and or portion(s) of the day's schedule(ES) with the learning intention: What, Why and How is key!

Not only is it important for students to know what they are learning, why they are learning and howthey are showing understanding(success criteria) but it is equally as important for the teacher to be mindful of knowing if students actually got it. In daily/weekly planning, assessment of the day's learning is the beginning stage vs the ending stage in planning.

Continue to engage your students in the WHAT, WHY and How in all lessons/content areas.

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Community of Kindness Corner.....Listen for the Chimes!

It is expected that all classrooms engage in our school wide initiative efforts. 2nd and 3rd grade teams collaborated together on implementation efforts with reactions/understanding of kindness in a circle map. Throughout the week the teachers referred to discussion in varied class activities to develop/build on classroom supporting caring and inclusive relationship (U6).

The embedded link of the September calendar:


To reach the target...you have to set goal and create and action plan for SUCCESS

STOIC supports Consistency of Expectations, Practices and Protocols for JROB's LEARNING COMMUNITY

When teaching classroom expectations, use STOIC to guide implementation.

Example: Use of classroom sink, drinking fountain, getting tissues, throwing away trash.

Hint: Use of classroom facilities is the antecedent to many incidents between students.

  • Structure - Do you have expectations regarding the use of classroom facilities and materials? How many students are allowed at the sink during class time? Are students allowed to get up during your instructional time? How do students know your expectations?

  • Teach - Have you engaged in explicit instruction regarding your facilities and materials use? Are your expectations posted? Have you provided feedback to the class regarding their following of expectations?

  • Observe - Have you monitored how your structure is working? Do you need to adjust your expectations based on your students' needs?

  • Interact - When students are learning about your classroom expectations, are you using proximity to provide immediate feedback? Don't forget to use the 5:1 ratio of interaction when students are newly learning your unique expectations. They may not have had these expectations last year!

  • Correct - When providing corrections, use the "Looks Like, Sounds Like" model and don't be afraid to have students perform do overs.

Locking the Back Metro Gate Entrance & Coming Soon Lock Blok

Safety Alert! The back gate leading to the Metro parking area has been left unlocked 3 times this past week. Please ensure the padlock is all the way locked into place and pull to check that it locked.

Lock Bloks: To improve security at our sites, the District has purchased Lock Bloks for all classroom doors. A Lock Blok is a stopper device that allows you to keep his/her door locked but ajar during the school day. During an emergency, the door can be closed by simply moving the stopper - a teacher does not have to step outside to lock the door. More information about Lock Bloks can be found at http://doorblok.com/lockblok.html. Maintenance staff, over the course of the next few weeks, will be installing the Lock Bloks. You will be notified in advance when Maintenance will be on our site. All other security devices that have been purchased by school sites and installed on doors will be removed.

ES PE.....CA Ed Code requirements and LBUSD certification

Additional PE equipment has been ordered to support successful implementation of CA physical education requirements.

PE Pacing Guides...Click the embedded link:


All certification documents were due to Ms. Spenker on 9/12, if you have not submitted please submit ASAP.

AM Supervision reminder: Kinder Cafe/Vega, 1st Playground/Ing & Upper Playground/Lovett 7:45 - 7:55