Athletic Trainer

By: Cameron Wischnowski

Job Description

The world of sports can be dangerous! There is many injuries that can happen. You can break a leg or tear an arm muscle but how will they heal that injury back to good. They need an athletic trainer to help them out. This occupation helps out mostly the athletes. The things they do can help you pick this job in the future. First, they help the athletes prevent injuries by doing warm-up techniques and stretching excercises. Second, they have to determine how severe the injury and how to treat it. Third, you have to do treatments to help the player heal. For example, if a star basketball player breaks his ankle, he will need crutches then a brace to support it. Fourth, they have to figure out how to keep the injury from returning. Athletic Trainers have great jobs and I hope to do it in the future!


Athletic Trainers don't make as much as like a engineer but they do make a decent about of money. They range from $26,000 to $60,000. Some states are more than others. For example, Wisconsin makes less than Colorado by about 2,000. The world of athletic training is amazing by there pay too.

Working Condidtions

Athletic trainers tend to work in sports teams, colleges, and high school health care faculities. They also work outside and on the team's field or courts. Some athletic training students travels with the team for away games. Athletic trainers work mostly on the weekends because those are when most of the games and practices are. The working Conditions are pretty awesome for an athletic trainer!


In high school, to become interested more in athletic training, you will have to take a lot science and physical education classes. If you make it to college, try to get a bachelor's degree in athletic training or realted like kinesology. These programs are 4 years in length. Education is huge part of becoming an athletic trainer.

Pros and Cons


  • You get travel an awful lot around the U.S. or even sometimes the world.
  • You get to experince what being with a college or professional player feels like and being with the team.
  • Making yourself work harder to help that player get back on the field.

  • You have to work a lot in a day and even travel on the weekends where there is more stuff happening like injuries.
  • The travel is hard sometimes because of late arrivals or not being able to go in hotels.
  • The road trips are really long if your a team that plays a lot like hockey or basketball.

The End!!