The Road to Perseverance

Damauri Dougls may 2016


Perseverance means to stay confident and when you wanna give up don't, just keep trying to succeed and when you get there all the bumpy roads will be worth something
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Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt(compare and Contrast.)


Eleanor was a person who fought for other people. When Eleanor was a kid she was not treated right her mom thought she was the ugly duckling in the family. When her mother and father passed she had to stay with her grandma. Eleanor's Grandma never liked her either she never really cared for her. When Eleanor got married to Franklin Roosevelt and He became The president. She was the First Lady. When Franklin got polio and died. Eleanor started to get into Politics and she fought for women rights.
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Katy Perry(Chronological/Sequence)

Katy Perry we all know her for her great music and Beautiful clothing. Katy Perry still had quite a journey to get where she is. First, Katy had to find new music. Next, Katy had to sing new music. Then, she had to be herself when singing. After that Katy had to have confidence. Then, when she succeeded she had to be was proud. Finally, Katy showed Resilience as she overcame her troubles to reach her dream.
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Nadja Sonnenberg-Salerno (Cause and Effect)

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg was a small town girl living up to her dreams to become famous at playing the violin. Her mom made her play even if she didn't want to play. She was such a good violin player that she got accepted to Julliard School of Fine Arts. Because Nadja began to doubt herself when she began at Julliard, she stopped playing violin for several months. Nadja always fought her mother and teachers a lot. She didn't want her mother making her play the violin, but she trusted her mother, and she decided to play. Good thing that she did because Nadja really liked playing after a while. Nadja didn't believe in herself again when she saw all of the other players at Julliard. Nadja signed up for a competition and when it was her turn to audition she was so nervous that her face became pale and she was very cold. She was out of shape at the time and really didn't believe in herself. Nadja's house caught on fire because she left the meat she was cooking on the stove and it burned her house. Luckily her house phone still worked and she got the call that she was moving to the next round , and she was so happy that it made her want to get in shape. She made the next round and then made it to the finals. Nadja and her best friend made the finals and they became Combative going against each other. But Nadja won and got the three thousand dollars. She then traveled around the whole world and continues to play for everyone. All of these Adversities caused her to have many Triumphs in her career.
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Jackie Robinson(Description)

Jackie Robinson( background)

Jackie Robinson, was an African American Baseball player. During this time he was the first Negro baseball player on an All White Team because people did not thing blacks and whites should be mixed. Branch Ricky wanted to try and experiment with an African American on an all white team. It was a journey going through experiment but finally it all worked out Branch Ricky's experiment worked and that changed the world for everyone world wide. Any negro baseball player could play with whites.
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