HMS Welcome Back Newsletter


Reminder the First Day of School, Aug 29th, is a half-day. HMS students will be released at 10:58 am

Holly Middle School

Eric Curl, Principal
Haley Street, Assistant Principal
Mark Mattingly, Counselor (A-L)
Kristin Godoshian, Counselor (M-Z)
Phone: (248) 328-3400
Attendance Number: (248) 328-3426
Fax: (248) 328-3404
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Hello HMS Families,

We are excited to start the 2022-23 school year and look forward to partnering with you so that your child has an amazing year!! Please visit our website as we will be continually updating information throughout the course of the year. Schoology will continue to be an excellent resource where many teachers will communicate upcoming assignments and where student grades can be viewed. Teachers will be sending home a syllabus in these first few weeks of school with additional classroom information. If you have any classroom questions please contact your child's teacher or counselor.

Once we get started with our daily student-run announcements they will be posted each afternoon on our school's Facebook page and our school website. Regularly viewing these is a great way to stay connected with what is going on at HMS!

Please take a careful look at our "Back to School" Newsletter for information about arrival, departure, and everything in between :)

Thanks for reading!! Go Bronchos!!

Eric Curl
HMS Principal
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Online Verification and Schedule Pick-Up Letter

Please click on the link above to access the letter Mr. Curl sent out on 8/15 with all of the details for Online Verification and Schedule Pick-Up

Lifetouch will be at all schedule pick-up sessions for student pictures.

Lifetouch Order Forms

  • Aug 22nd from 8am -11am and 12pm - 3pm will be for all 6th graders
  • Aug 23rd from 8am - 11am and 12pm - 3pm will be for all 7th/8th graders.

There will be an evening session both days from 4pm - 7pm that is open to all grades

Online Student Verification - Mandatory for every student/family every year

**The 2022-23 online registration for HMS is now available. ALL Parents are required to complete the annual online verification through your Parent Skyward account prior to picking up schedules in August. We will have laptops available at schedule pickup for families to use to complete verification. If you need assistance with log in information please call the main office. 248-328-3400.
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On Wednesday, August 24th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, HMS is hosting an Open House!! This is a great opportunity for students/parents to check out classrooms, meet teachers, and practice walking their schedule and locker combination :)

This will also be the last opportunity for students to pick up their schedules prior to the first day of school.

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Please carefully read the following information about important building procedures for the 22-23 school year

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Officer Houck and Mr. Curl would like to remind everyone to pull all the way forward if there is open space ahead of you!!!

Thank you to everyone who is making our morning drop-off faster and more efficient, we appreciate you!

Please continue to pull up as far as you can when before stopping your car to drop off your student. If there is space in front of you, please pull ahead and make full use of the entire drop off lane. The more cars we can get into the drop-off lane the quicker everything goes.

Please take a look at the diagram below and pull all the way up to the "Star" if there is space.

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Entering the Building

  • Students who are dropped off in the car line will be able to enter the building at 7:25 am, students should wait in their cars until 7:20 am. Buses will begin dismissal at 7:28 am

  • Students will enter through their Grade Level Entrance (see below)

  • Students will then report to their 1st-hour class (PE students will report to the gym and sit in designated bleachers for their teacher)

  • If students want to get breakfast, they will need to enter through the Cafeteria (labeled "Breakfast Entrance" below). Students will get their breakfast from the cafeteria and then head to their 1st-hour class and eat breakfast there. This is a new process for all students.

  • Morning Locker Access:

    • At 7:34 am a bell will ring dismissing 6th graders to their lockers

    • At 7:37 am a bell will ring dismissing 7th graders to their lockers

      • 6th graders return to their 1st hour

    • At 7:40 am a bell will ring dismissing 8th graders to their lockers

      • 7th graders return to their 1st hour

    • At 7:43 am a minute bell will ring alerting 8th graders that 1st hour begins in 1 minute and to return to class

Students who are late to school will report to the main office to sign in at the student kiosk. We do not require a phone call or an adult to walk them in when they are late.

Morning Grade Level Entrances

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Parents - please use the mobile desk in the entryway to drop off any items that your student may need during the school day. Please be sure to label the item!

Press the intercom and our secretary will buzz you into our secure entryway. Once inside please use the materials on the table to label the item and leave it either on the desk or, if too large, on the floor by the desk. A staff member will be out to get the item and call your student down to pick up the item.

You can leave items such as:

  • Athletic gear

  • Lunch

  • Textbooks/homework

  • Chromebook/charger

  • Clothes, etc.

Thank you!

Scheduling a Meeting

Please follow these steps if you are seeking to set up a meeting with staff at HMS:

  1. Contact the person you are seeking a meeting with via email/phone (you can also reach out directly to your child's counselor)
  2. Set up a mutually agreed upon time
  3. When arriving for your meeting, check in at the main office and the staff member will meet you there.

By following these steps we look to reduce the instances of families showing up to see a staff member only to find out that the staff member is not available to meet. If you arrive without a scheduled meeting we will take down your information and set up a future meeting date/time for you.

Please remember that once you are buzzed into the building, all visitors must report to the main office to check in and should never directly go to a classroom to meet with a staff member.


We are working to limit the number of interruptions to the classrooms and your student's learning time. Please assist us by making appointments either before or after school. If the need arises for an appointment during school hours, please follow one of the two ways to pick-up your student.

  • Option 1 - Send a note in with your student on the day of the appointment and have them bring it to the office with the time you are picking them up. Please include your signature. We will give your student a pass to come to the office 5 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. This year you will come to our buzzer/camera system and our secretary will ask for you to show your ID. Once confirmed we will send our student out to you. If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled time written on the note your student will be sent back to class. Then you will have to wait for us to call them back down to the office upon your arrival. It is the student's responsibility to turn in the note to the office and the pass to the teacher and to leave at the appropriate time.
  • Option 2 - Come up to the building with your ID, ring the doorbell and we will call for your student to come down ready to leave for an appointment. Please be patient, this can take some time depending on which class your student is in, especially if it's lunchtime or the end of the day. The best option to avoid a long wait is to use Option 1. Send a note in the morning with your student.
  • Please note that calling the office to have your child meet you outside will not be allowed. Also, please do not text or call your student to come to the office for an appointment. As our school policy states students are not allowed cell phone usage during the school day. This also includes your student calling/texting a parent from their cell phone when they are sick. Students need to come to the main office to make phone calls home if they are needing to go home due to illness.


Families if your child is going to be absent for the full day, remember to call them in on the automated Attendance Line at 248-328-3426. This number can be accessed anytime and is the only way your students absence will be recorded. It is also the most efficient to call that number directly.

The Middle School does not require a call if your student is only late to school. Just drop them off and they can sign themselves in on our student tardy kiosk in the office. Additionally, we do not require a phone call prior to early parent pick up. Just come up to the doors with your ID and ring the doorbell. We will call your child out at that time.

Students - If you are out of school for the day due to illness, etc. please login to Schoology if and when it is possible so you can access that day's lessons and do not fall behind.

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We are looking forward to seeing our HMS Bronchos in just a few short weeks! Daily attendance at school is the first and most important step in preparing all Bronchos for a great 22-23 school year! If you have questions about attendance, please reach out.

We can't wait to see every Broncho every day!


  • At HMS electronic communication devices (such as cell phones) must be turned off (and not turned on at any time during the school day including passing time and lunch time unless under the direct supervision of HMS Staff) and stored in a locker once a student enters the building. In no case, will any personal communication device be allowed that provides for a wireless, unfiltered connection to the Internet. Cell phones found on the person or turned on during the school day will be turned into the front office. If the student persists and the device is confiscated more than once, it will only be released to a parent/guardian/designee. Failure to comply is insubordination and could be subject to disciplinary action.


Any apparel that is disruptive, distracting, unsanitary or unsafe is prohibited. Parents should consider the dress code when purchasing school apparel.
1. Items that cover the head or obstruct the face/eyes of a student may not be worn in school (hats, bandanas, hoods, inappropriate head-coverings, sunglasses, etc.) unless there is a documented medical/religious reason.
2. All shirts/dresses/tops must have a width of three fingers between the neck and shoulder, full side seams, and cover the midriff. Shirts/dresses/tops that do not meet these criteria are not acceptable unless worn over an acceptable clothing item (e.g. long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, etc.).
3. Students are not to wear clothing with inappropriate slogans, including those that appear to promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, vulgar language and/or obscene behavior. This includes clothing with anti-religious, anti-racial, or sexually harassing images or statements.
4. All shorts/skirts/dresses should be an appropriate length for the school setting. Appropriate length may mean: longer than fingertip length, mid-thigh, or other criteria. Shorts/skirts/dresses that are deemed inappropriate are not acceptable unless worn over an acceptable clothing item (e.g. leggings, pants, etc.)
5. No clothing or accessories worn by students should contain items that could pose a safety hazard (e.g. chains, spikes, etc.) The judgment of the building staff & administration will be final in determining inappropriate dress.



Students are responsible for the general care of the MCD they have been issued by the school.

MCD’s that are broken or fail to work properly must be reported.

If a student is off-site (at home, OTC, etc) , report the issue to the Oakland Schools Service Desk as soon as possible to see if the issue can be resolved remotely.

To submit a ticket with OS Help Desk:

Email : (Describe the issue and include student name and asset tag number)

Call: 248-209-2060

While a student is on-site (at their assigned building) the student should report the issue to their classroom teacher and they will be directed to their front office staff for assistance.

District-owned MCD’s should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance.

Students should never leave their MCD unattended except locked in their locker.

Important Links

District 2022-2023 Calendar

Free and Reduced Application (if completed by families that qualify, the Technology Protection Plan fee will be waived)

Holly Middle School Webpage (supply lists are under the "Parent/Student Resources" tab)

Schoology Parent Access

Technology Protection Plan

Technology Protection Plan Enrollment

e~Funds for Schools

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All 7th graders and any students new to the district (grades 6-8), please remember to get your updated immunizations or a waiver by October 10, 2022. Any questions, contact Natalie Ayers at (248) 328--3413 or email


This year our office will be open beginning the week of Aug 15th from 8am - 3pm for parents to drop off medications prior to the first day of school. You can also drop off items during schedule pick-up. Please have all appropriate paperwork and Dr authorization forms signed and fully completed. Renewal of medical alert information is required to be updated every school year.

**Students that have chronic medical conditions that require a rescue medication such as seizures, severe allergies, or asthma can self-carry and are encouraged to. The school MUST have a current medical care plan on file with Dr authorization.

See the district website for more details on our medication policy and printable forms to take to your family Dr.

Please reach out to our district nurse with any questions.

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Breakfast ONLY is free for ALL HMS students this year!!

** When the 2021-2022 school year ended, so did free lunches for every student. While the federal government funded a program that allowed all students access to free lunches during the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress recently declined to continue funding this program.

We encourage all families to fill out the Free/Reduced Meal Application

Find out if you qualify for free or reduced lunches please by filling out the Free/Reduced Meal Application. This information impacts many additional factors from the price of the Technology Protection Plan to services that the schools can provide students.

To see what we offer each day, check out all of the great menu options here!!

For assistance or questions please reach out to the Food Service Dept or visit their website.


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Families, we are here to help support your child!! If there are any topics you'd like us to connect with your child on, please reach out. We can also work with you to connect you to resources and supports in the community.

Mrs. Godoshian & Mr. Mattingly

A - L contact Mr. Mattingly,

M - Z contact Mrs. Godoshian,

We look forward to supporting you and making this an awesome school year!!

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HMS Students Show C.A.R.E

At HMS, we will continue to promote civility and respect everywhere. Each week we'll be recognizing students who have demonstrated this throughout our school day. we will be promoting kindness, courtesy in behavior and speech, as well as positive regard for our school community.

22-23 Yearbook!!


Click the button to order your 22-23 Yearbook!

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If your child is participating in athletics, they must have a sports physical on file in our office and parents are required to register your student athlete in Final Forms.

Visit the HAS Athletic website for physical forms and more information.

HMS fall athletic offerings are Girls basketball 7th & 8th only, Sideline cheer 6-8th gr, Boys & Girls Cross Country 6-8th gr, Football 7th & 8th only. Please contact the following coaches for more information.

7th gr GBB -

8th GBB -

Cheer -

Football - Coach Turner –

Coach O’Neil –

Coach Adams –

Coach Bishop –

Cross Country -

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The Parent Lighthouse Team meets the first Monday of each month. For meeting times and other PLT information please visit our site to find out how we are working to support our students and school! If you have other questions please email

Please reach out to our PLT via email for information on meetings, volunteering, and donations.

Upcoming Events

8/22 - 6th Gr Schedule Pick up 8-11; 12-3. All Grades 4pm - 7pm

8/23 - 7th/8th Gr Schedule Pick up 8-11; 12-3. All Grades 4pm - 7pm

8/24 - HMS Open House 5:30 - 7pm

8/29 - 1st day of School (1/2 day - Dismissal at 10:58am)

9/2 - Labor Day Break - No School

9/5 - Labor Day Break - No School

9/6 - PLT Meeting 6pm in IMC

9/21 - No School - District PD

TBA - New Student Breakfast for all students new to the HAS District

Follow HMS on Social Media!

Daily Announcements, pictures of HMS students in action and more, are easily accessible by following us on Facebook and Twitter!!
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