New invention shocks farmers!

Charles Townshend's crop rotation is a huge break in farming

What is crop rotation

Many farmers have been experiencing soil erosion, poor soil fertility, not enough nutrients, and many problems on their farm that could be lowering their profit. Charles Townshend who is a chancellor realized this problem. He has created a method called crop rotation which will dramatically increase the health of your crops and your profit. We interviewed Charles on the topic. Here is what he had to say. "The crop rotation will benefit farmers all over the world. It not only reduces soil erosion, increase soil fertility and nutrients but farmers can now keep their fields under continuous production which ultimately raises their profit. Some other pros of the crop rotation are that it helps slow down the spread of pests and diseases, production cost advantages, and livestock requirements are met easier. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that labour, power, and equipment can be handled with much more efficiency. While I was brainstorming this I had the idea of a easier and more productive life for farmers in mind. Customers love it! Listen to what Todd had to say. "Woah! This whole crop rotation thing is awesome. I now have no pests, my plants are healthy, and my business is booming.

How does it work?

The method of crop rotation is very easy to use on the farm. All you need to do is change the location of your crops. For example if you had tomatoes in area 1, potatoes in area 2, and carrots in area 3. You would keep these crops here for two years. After two years you need to rotate your crops. This means that you change the locations of them. You could put the tomatoes in area 3, potatoes in area 1, and carrots in area 2. This is very simple and it will help your crops and your profit. If you are interested contact me at 603-123-4567. Our company name is Townshend's Terrific Crop Rotation Co. Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed.


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