First Grade News

September 19-23

Nightly Reading Homework

Reading needs to be something that happens every night. Research has shown that 15 to 20 minutes of reading each night helps to grow a child's vocabulary and fluency. Your student has a September calendar in their Take Home Folder. Please initial every night when they have read 15 - 20 minutes.

Upcoming Events at River Oak Christian Academy

September is half over and we have some important events coming our way.

Monday, September 19 - PTF Meeting at 6:30 in the Assembly Room

Friday, September 23 - Walk-A- Thon at Memorial Park 1:00-3:15

Wednesday, September 28 - See You At The Pole and Grandparent's Day 8:45-10:30 AM


Last week we learned about Abraham and his faith and obedience to God. Next week our lesson is Jacob and Esau. This lesson introduces the word birthright and the concept of stealing a blessing.

The Bible verse for next week is: Psalm 34:13, "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies."


Next week we begin working on Place Value: Tens and Ones. We work on this every morning when we count the number of days we have been in school. They get very excited when we come to a Bundle Day. That is a day when we change the ones to a group on ten. We do a lot of hands on work during this unit.


Reading groups are in full swing! During the reading group time there is a lot happening. If their group is not working with me, they are working on Daily 5. This is a program with five parts, Read with Someone, Read to Yourself, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing. Each student has an individual folder with their daily schedule and work. This is used as reinforcement and practice of skills being worked on in class. The Daily 5 work from the previous week will be sent home on Mondays.

Language Arts

Phonics and Writing

We are starting to use our word family words in our writing. We have already learned almost 40 word families and are still going!

We are practicing capitalization and using correct punctuation. We are practicing writing sentences.


The spelling test they took today is not going to be a grade. I wanted them to have a chance to practice taking a spelling test. Next week it will be a grade.

Next weeks words are also from Word Families we are worked on in class.

did, hid, kid, cap, nap, tap, den, hen, pen, the

The list will be in their Take Home Folder on Monday.