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By: David Durnil

Each week I will be send out a Tech Tip to give you new and creative ideas for how to incorporate Technology in the classroom. This tip might be for your students and creative ways to engage them or it might be ways that you can stay organized or new resources that you can use when developing lesson plans. If you ever have any suggestions for the "Triple T", please feel free to let me know.

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-Mr. Durnil

September 8, 2015 - Why aren't you using Office '13?

Microsoft Office 13 has been a bit of a change for many of us. But there are a lot of neat little short cuts that you can use to help you breeze through using Word, Power Point and Excel.

5 Neat Microsoft Office Tips

There’s this quicker way to cut and paste.

  • Select any block of text. Press F2. You will notice that the status bar (at the bottom of your screen) says Move to where. Place place the cursor at the location where you wish to move the block of text. Press Enter and the selection will be moved. This feature works in older versions of Word as well.

Get emails that aren't sent directly to you out of your inbox.

  • One of the best tips is to use a special "Inbox – CC" folder to gather all the emails that aren't sent directly to you; that way, the inbox is focused on only the most important emails. To set this up, go to Rules > New Rules…. Then click the "Advanced Options" button. In the Rules Wizard, select "where my name is not in the To box" and then in the next screen, "move it to the specified folder." (Alternatively, set up a VIP email folder and move "emails sent only to me" into that special folder.)

Find a lost e-mail message

  • By default, in its All Items searches, Outlook doesn't include e-mail messages in the Deleted Items folder. If you're looking for a missive that you think you may have deleted, select Tools, Options, Preferences, and click Search Options. Check the box under ‘Deleted Items' that says Include messages from the Deleted Items folder in each data file when searching in All Items, and you may be able to pull your missing mail out of the trash.

Use Styles

  • Styles are amazingly powerful. If you create a style template, you can use it over and over again for any document. If you write a lot of memos, you can create a memo style. You can repeat the process for virtually any document type. To see existing styles, go to the Home tab in Word. You can click on the down arrow to create your own. If you write a lot in a similar style, it’s definitely worth turning it into a style so you don’t have to format so much and save yourself some time.

Email Follow Up

  • Did you know you could tell Outlook to remind you later to respond to an important e-mail? Simply follow these easy steps: Right-click the message. Select Flag For Follow Up from the shortcut menu. Select the type of action you want to perform from the Flag To drop-down list. From the Reminder drop-down calendar, select the date Outlook should remind you. Click OK.

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