June Team Newsletter

Lucky Ladies


Hi Ladies!

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather! Celebrating all of you in May! Awesome job ladies! I know summer can be tough! I so appreciate each and every one of you and truly enjoy having you on my team! I am here to support YOU, so don't hesitate to reach out to me for whatever you need!

I want to take some time to help you with your businesses this summer! I am going to guide you to some training on Thirtyonetoday.com. I think we can all (including myself) use a little refresh to our businesses to help us get back to partying! I'd like you to go to TOT, click on "Improve my skills." Then click on "Got Bookings." There is a series of short trainings to read through (most of them will only take 5 minutes or less). Within these trainings, there are ideas, tips, scripts, and videos - including party demos!

There are also some awesome 31 minutes calls that have been recorded from top leaders in the company on all sorts of topics! I am going to post the link to the booking calls here for you. https://www.thirtyonetoday.com/en/my-skills/tips-from-the-top/bookings/

I suggest starting with the call "Booking parties through different lenses" with Eileen Mueller. She shares tips for booking parties at the party, after the party, AND out of thin air! There are also several other booking calls you can listen to! You can download these calls on to your ipod and listen to them while driving or working out or wherever is most convenient for you!

I am challenging each of you to do the "Got Bookings Training" (the whole course) AND listen to Eileen's call. When you complete this challenge, please email me with the best tip you learned and I will send you a gift!!!

Don't leave money on the table! We have so many great specials this month for hostesses and customers! 12 weeks of summer hostess exclusive bundles, the style setter exclusive, the 4 piece all in tote bundle, plus 2 great customer specials, not to mention the surprise item of the week (50% or more savings)!!!! You've got lots to work with! I don't know about you, but I need extra income this summer to help pay for all the fun stuff our family has planned!

As always, don't hesitate to call me if there is anything I can do to help! Even if you just want to chat about ways to get back in the game or to tell me how excited you are about an accomplishment! I'm not just your Director, I consider you all my friends!

Have a wonderful June!

Josie Denman

Important Dates

12 - Watch your inbox to see if you are at risk this month

13 - Fall Product Premiere!

24 - Register to attend August "Better Together" Event!

30 - June month end


Team Sales - $8,871

Team Parties - 17

Team Recruits - 1

$1,000+ PV
Carrie McKay $1,040
Amy Flowers $1,013

$500-$999 PV
Lindsay Kautzman $764
Kim Winter $722

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Leadership Incentive Trip!

The leadership incentive trip is an all inclusive trip that Directors and above can earn based on personal sales, team sales, peqas, and promotions. We had 6 months to work towards earning the trip. Here are my trip points:

Personal Sales Volume - $11,495.05 = 3 stars

Team Sales - $68,656.15 = 5 stars

Peqas - 4 stars

Total = 12 stars

12 stars was the minimum for the trip for 1! You could also earn a trip for 2 with 18 stars or the ultra trip with 21 stars!

I could not have earned this trip without all of you! So thank you for your hard work and dedication!