King Louis XIV

Of France


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King Louis XIV

Born in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France, Louis XIV became King of France in 1643 at age 5 Coming from a list of kings he was born into a throne. He fully became to rule at the age of 25. Louis began to build the Palace of Versailles in 1629 and finshed it around 1692. Louis reign, France was the leading Europeam power and it fought three major wars: The Franco-Dutch War, the War of the League of Augsburg and the War of the Spanish Succession. His father was also the ruler of France and King Louis XIV came into power through his father. His ruling lasted for 72 years. He soonly died on September 1, 1715.


  1. is a form of government where one person, usually called a monarch holds power that is not restrained or controlled by other groups of people, lawmakers or social elites. The term is usually used to refer to some monarchs who reigned during the transition from feudalism to capitalism.

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France (ruled for 72 years)

Interesting facts

  • King Luis Civ owned over 1000 wigs and 413 wigs which cost a lot of money

  • He stood 5 foot 4 inches, therefore he wore heel to appear taller
  • Actual building cost of Versailles are debated and could range from 2 billion and all the way up to $299,520,000,000. That kind of money would put France in debt.
  • Louis scolds the record of being the ruler for the longest period of time of any other major European monarchies. he ruled France for 72 years, 3 months and 18 days.

Bad things

I think that King Louis was a bad leaders do that he should go because he was selfish. He didn't really reward loyalty he was for himself. He was also selfish because he bankrupted France with his wars and palace- building. He fought too many expensive wars. He also was a bad leader because after all this he did not have enough money to restore France. After building the Palace of Versailles, France went into debt because the palace price range from 2 billion to 299 billion. That money could be used for war and helping the country.

Final Thoughts

All in al King Louis Xiv was a overall bad leader. He was selfish and was always starting war. People people in danger is not being a good leader. Not only that he put France into debt by always going into wars and building the Palace of Versailles, especially when the money could've been used for something more useful. Even though he ruled for a long time, he still put a lot of people in dagpner with multiple wars.