Adventurous April

Department Meet 4.0

What's in store for this department meet?

One quarter has come to an end. With just 84 days left in this quarter, how are we creating the impact AIESEC promises? How are we contributing to the bigger picture? A lot of questions are going to put in front of you in this meeting. Its up to you how if you choose to react or respond.

Department Meet 4.0

Friday, April 8th, 2pm

AIESEC Chennai Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai, TN



- Where do we stand? (Updates and tracking from last meet)

- What is our target?

- Work space (Team Space)

- Anannya Time

- Who are we?


Actions speak louder than words!

We all have a million other things to do in life but again, how are you different from anyone else. I have trust in this team, but don't let your actions speak otherwise. My mission for this quarter is that I am not giving any excuses to anyone. You need something, I'll make sure you get it. I challenge everyone to take up this #NoExcuseQuarter