"Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world"

Values and names of the CEO

John P. Bilbrey

Has been the president for 3 years now. In 2010 he was the vice president. He is 57 years old. He was elected president in May 17, 2011. He is responsible for day to day operations, commercial activities, and has to know all aspects of the business

5 products of the Hershey's company

Chocolate bars

Hershey's syrup

Hershey's kisses

Hershey's baking products

Hershey's beverages

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5 career opportunities

World Parking Attendant

Retail Sales Attendant

Food Service Attendant

Bake Shoppe Attendant

Utility Ground Attendant

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Utility Ground Attendent

Requires you to be there as early as 5 in the morning

Must demonstrate customer service pledge

Must provide a genuine "Thank you" for every guest

Greet them with a smile

Must be 18 years of age

Must have basic math skills

Work independently and at a fast pace

Part time

Seasonal jobs

$9.50 an hour