By:Eric,Michael and Alex


Jupiter is the 5th planet in our solar system.Jupiter is 483,682,810 miles from sun. Jupiter's average temperature is -234ºF (-148ºC).The length of one day on Jupiter in Earth time would be 9 hours and 55 minutes.The gravity of Jupiter is 24.79 m/s2.Jupiter was a zeus Greek.The size of jupiter is so huge that more than 1,000 Earths could easily fit inside jupiter.A person weighs more on Jupiter because of the strength of the gravitational force.


Jupiter's moons are Metis,Adrastea,Amalthea,Thebe,lo,Europa,Ganymedo,Callisto,Themisto,Leda,Himalia,Lysithea,Elara,S/2000 J 11,Carpo,S/2003 J 12,Euporie,S/2003 J 3,S/2003 J 18,Thelxinoe,Euanthe,Helike,Orthosie,locaste,S/2003 J 16,Ananke,Praxidike,Harpalyke,Hermippe,Thyone,Mneme,S/2003 J 17,Aitne,Kale,Taygete,S/2003 J 19,Chaldene,S/2003 15,S/2003 J 15,S/2003 J 10,S/2003 J 23,Erinome,Aoede,Kallichore,Kalyke,Eurydome,S/2003 J 14,Pasithee,Cyllene,Eukelade,S/2003 J 4,Hegemone,Arche,Carme,Isonoe,S/2003 J 9,S/2003 J 5,Pasiphae,Sinope,Sponde,Autonoe,Megaclite,S/2003 J 2.

Other Facts about Jupiter

Jupiter's mass is about 318 times of the Earth's mass.It would take over 318 Earth's to make the size of jupiter. Jupiter has transparent dark rings composed of tiny rock fragments and dust. Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, over threw his father Saturn to become king of the gods. He then split the universe with his brothers Neptune and Pluto.