One life, many jobs

Chiara Awatramani

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Imagine the perfect life; food on the table, a comfortable home, a job providing a profitable income and, most importantly, a supportive family environment. Now envision all of that love and success gone, deleted from life as easily as the misspellings in a sentence. To think all of that suffering, chaos, devastation arose due to the steeply declining economy, a factor that should inject no strain in citizens to the extent being done in Italy at the moment. My aunt, Maria Paola, struggles to thrive in the whirlpool of an economy her homeland, Italy, provides. Despite the circumstances, she continues to sacrifice her mental and physical health for others by teaching dyslexic children how to read and write. Read on to discover the wonders of her life and its unique circumstances.
We all know heroes, whether it be from a book, a movie, a story, the news or real life. But what really is the definition of a hero?



What you swim through with a smile.

It wouldn't matter,

If what was left was more than a mile,

Because if you were to splatter,

You would simply continue down the aisle,

That leads you to what causes you to shatter,

And that would destroy your simple style.


A Further Understanding of Italy's Economic Struggles

Italy's economic crisis deepens
This demonstrates further the severity of Italy's economic situation and the shocking affects it has on its citizens. For example, because of the loss of businesses, unemployment rates are going up. My aunt, who has had to switch job multiple times, is an example who gets affected directly.
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