Classroom Tips for New Teachers

Critical Thinking and Creativity "Tools"

Ways to promote critical thinking in every lesson:

  1. No rescuing students: Allow the student to think about how to find an answer or solve a problem for themselves.
  2. Brainstorm: Have students to think about what they will be doing, learning or reading before actually beginning.
  3. Compare and Contrast: As students work have them reflect on prior knowledge and current knowledge
  4. Make connections: Ask students to connect topic or learning to other subjects, personal life, or the world.
  5. Group Work: Create groups that foster learning allowing top students to "teach" and lower level students to learn and interact with peers to build student knowledge through differentiated instruction.

Time to Tune In and Turn On our Brains

Add creativity to every lesson

  1. Freedom: Do not limit assignments to one format. Give students some choices.
  2. Creative Time: Give students time to explore new ideas on their own each day.
  3. Technology: Students love technology, so make it a part of the classroom and lessons.
  4. Methods: Bring in some newer, unconventional learning materials into the classroom.
  5. Discussion: Encourage students to talk. This allows students to express ideas about the lessons while teaching them how to listen objectively to other opinions.

MED 560 Secondary Teaching Methods

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