3rd Grade News

Red Bridge Elementary --- Mrs. Stalter & Mrs. Strahm

Spelling Words

  1. proud
  2. broil
  3. shower
  4. hour
  5. amount
  6. voyage
  7. choice
  8. avoid
  9. thousand
  10. prowl
  11. employ
  12. bounce
  13. poison
  14. annoy
  15. appoint
  16. however
  17. mountain
  18. coward
  19. turmoil
  20. chowder
  21. found
  22. house
  23. noun
  24. paragraph
  25. reread

Things we are working on this week . . .

Reading - We have started our reading rotations and are busy in our guided reading groups. The STAR test has been administered and we have a starting book level to set new reading goals. Those goals should come home this week!

Math - We have now taken 4 benchmarks (20 addition problems in one minute, 20 subtraction problems in one minute, estimating sums, and adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers). Keep using http://www.studyisland at home to get extra practice. Your child also has a PEARSON account they can access on-line from the Red Bridge home page!

Writing - We are taking one of our drafts all the way through the writing process to the final stage - PUBLISHING this week. We can't wait to share our stories!

Science - We are learning what it means to be a scientist and all about the Scientific Process!

Social Studies - We are continuing to learn about communities.