Most Dangerous Places

By. Daniel, Emily, & Loggie Bear

Do you know what is happening under your feet, when you are either on vacation, or the town you live in? There are many different places in the world with beautiful views but dangerous stories. Even if you know the stories behind the effecting place, do you know what kind of danger you're in? Here is three articles about some of the most dangerous places in the world that have dealt with historical volcanoes and earthquakes.

Why people might want to live in Haiti?

When humans look south-east of Florida and east of Cuba, they see a tiny island called Hispaniola. On that island is a place with a heartbreaking story, that area is called Haiti. There has only been 10 earthquakes, one was the biggest of all, that turned everything upside down. It is a natural disaster, destroyed, and most of all devastating place. Not only do people see that, they also see 10.17 million homeless and hurting humans. That is why over thousands of helpful people have traveled there to support and help the land and people. The individuals don't get chose to or get made, they choice to, to be a helpful person. The Haitian citizens have no choice, this is there one and only option, it is to stay. For once lets think on the positive side of the situation. Not all of it is a terrifying view. There are some attractions, Jacmel also know as Taino habitations. This beautiful town has sandy white beaches, it is the safest town in Haiti. Also its a magnet for its music as well as film festivals. Haiti is slowly coming back.

Tectonic Plates?

The reason the earthquake was so bad was because of the moving tectonic plates, and the way they shifted. Haiti is situated to the north of the Caribbean plate, on a slip plate boundary with the north american plate. The north american plate moved west, the movement was not smooth and there was friction between the North american plate and the Caribbean the pressure builded up till it release as a earthquake. When the earthquake struck there was no new land forms created, surprisingly, because of all the motion during the earthquake. Most places with an earthquake with a rating as high as the Haiti earthquake, they would have had a new land form made.

Is it really that dangerous?

Although there are some beautiful spots Haiti, it is a very dangerous place. Luckily there is only earthquakes that occur not volcanoes. A earthquake in 2010 was a disaster. 217,000 to 230,000 pronounced dead, 300,000 injured, 1,000,000 homeless, 250,000 houses and 30,000 buildings destroyed. That wasn't there first earthquake, an earthquake occurs about every 20 years. We may all know that this place it dangerous, but is it as dangerous as you think?

Indonesia, The Dangerous

In the country of Indonesia there were, and still are, a lot of earth quakes, yet people still choose to live there. Why? There are many reasons why people choose to live in Indonesia even though there a lot of dangerous earth quakes there. Some of those reasons include, they are one of the Komodo dragon’s main habitats, they own up to 20% of the entire world’s coral reefs, which makes for amazing snorkeling, and scuba diving. They also have amazing food there “You can literally eat for days, and always be trying something new.” Says, The Looptail. There are so many different things that you can eat there the main thing being Bananas, because they are in the top six exporters of Bananas in the world. And lastly why Indonesia is visited is because they have some of the best beaches in the world (seen in the pictures) and with over 17,000 different islands there is defiantly a wide verity of Beaches that people go to. Knowing all of this, these are the reason that people still go to these islands even though there are dangerous earth quakes there, it is a beautiful island and an amazing tourist attraction.

Why So Dangerous

Indonesia is found just North (North West) of Australia, and just South (South East) of Asia. It is on top of the Eurasian plate and is closely surrounded by the indo- Australian plate. This country is notorious for its Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes. In earthquakes alone there have been a total of 200,000 deaths. The reason why this is such a dangerous place is not just because there are a lot of earth quakes there, it is because it is made up of islands, once again 17,000 of them to be exact. This country being entirely made up of islands is dangerous because even if there is a small earthquake this creates waves of a large scale, but there earthquakes that accrue there are not small in fact they are huge. The tsunami in 2004 was 80 feet tall with a total price of damages being $10,000,000,000. That is just one of the many different tsunamis that have been there. There are 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia and 76 inactive. With these reasons and many more is why the islands of Indonesia are definitely one of the top areas for tectonic activity in the world.

Rapping It Up

So in revue there has been a total of over 700,000 deaths from everything, there are a total of 130 volcanoes that can erupt at any time, and a total of 10 billion dollars in damages. It is safe to say that the country of Indonesia is a place that is extremely dangerous, but people still go there because they feel that the pros from living there overlay the cons.

Now that you know more about what is happening under your feet, do you think you know enough about volcanoes and earthquakes in these specify places? Even the most gorgeous places with amazing views and wonderful vacation areas have danger in them, we still continue to visit them, because the fun, and excitement outlook the danger aspect of these areas.

Alaska, The Dangerous

Alaska, many earthquakes happen in Alaska every year. The earthquakes develope and destroy homes, building, and everything possible. They also kill people and animals. They appear to strike in the South West region of Alaska. Earthquakes have been reported anywhere from Southwest Alaska to Northeast Alaska. In 1964 Alaska had the Second largest earthquake in the world. It was a 9.2 out of a 10 point rating.

Tectonic Plates

Every year the North American and Pacific Tectonic Plates move 5-7 centimeters per year. Plates under Alaska move because they are floating on lava and when they shift they can cause earthquakes and or volcanoes. It creates earthquakes by moving over each other and making the land above shake violently. The plates move on each other when the lava has enough power to push the plates enough to run into another plate.

Why So Dangerous

Alaska is dangerous because not only do they have freezing cold weather and occasional Tsunamis waves coming from California. It has two tectonic plates below it and they are constantly moving near each other and at any time they could cause an earthquake. Alaskan earthquakes can be large and deadly. So Alaska is not a very safe place to live or work because of the earthquakes. The highest rating and the highest amount of death an Alaska earthquake has had was in 1964 when the two plates below Alaska collided.