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Happenings In Panther Nation - May 2020

Just a short distance from our house is a tree that has obviously faced several obstructions during its lifespan that have altered its growth. As you look at these pictures, you notice that the tree must have faced a stubborn barrier early in its development. The tree altered course and continued to grow almost parallel to the ground. As it continued to grow, it once again hit an unmovable obstruction. Again the tree adjusted and continued its growth, just in a different direction.

The first time I stood by this tree and observed it, I reflected on how we are so much like this tree. We face obstructions, barriers, and forces that seem to be totally against us and we tend to see the negative, pull back, and decide we can’t continue growing and developing. We may push forward for a while but eventually, we grow weary and totally stop.

I wonder where each of us would be today if we had continued pushing, growing, and overcoming the obstacles and barriers in our life just like this tree did? What can we grow into if we have the perseverance of this tree and adapt, make slight adjustments to our course, and continue to develop along the path laid out for us?

My challenge to you is to spend time reflecting on the times that you stopped when the journey became really difficult instead of continuing. Reflect on the times that the barrier looked insurmountable and you didn’t even go up against it. Reflect on the times that others told you that you “couldn’t” and you “didn’t” even try.

Then I challenge you to take a mental picture of this tree and decide today that you will always continue to grow, to overcome, to attempt the improbable, and to always adapt, adjust, and find the path that you are destined for!!


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School Board Update

During the May Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Mr. Stanford and the Board discussed the 2020 Graduation Ceremonies scheduled for June 5.

Mr. Stanford presented an update on the TASB Summer Leadership Insitute.

The School Board unanimously approved the CPR Waiver for the 2019-2020 school year.

The School Board unanimously approved the contract for Kyle Johnson as Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations.

The School Board unanimously approved the District of Innovation contract for Kasie Weston.

Teacher contracts were acknowledged as presented.